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Outer Space

Strain: Outer Space

Producer: Remedy

Contributor: Asia Mayfield



Dazzled by a bright, shimmery green hue 80%
Dull, uncomplicated weedy scent 60%
Delicious, it’s hard to resist 80%
Very strong and effective 80%


Ad description 0%
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Outer Space by Remedy hits 20% THC. These days, that’s a middling number. Nothing to get excited about, and nothing to complain about, either. The buds have significant amounts of myrcene, limonene, and caryophyllene. All three are among the most common terpenes found in cannabis.

Appearance 4/5
The pre-roll is slender, a wisp of rolling paper wrapped tight around a gush of ground-up weed. Smoke it like a joint, and there isn’t much to tease your eyes; tear open the paper to smoke bowls, and you’re dazzled by a bright, shimmery green hue. Silver trichomes burst forth in the light. The weed is ground so finely that it’s hard to tell if Remedy used whole nugs or trim to fill this pre-roll.

Aroma 3/5
Perhaps because the joint is rolled so tightly, there isn’t much of an aroma to remark on, that is until you rip open the rolling paper. Once that happens, your nose is greeted with a dull, uncomplicated weedy scent. Smokers who are lured by interesting aromas should steer clear of this pre-roll.

Taste 4/5
Imagine eating pizza sprinkled with clumps of moss, rather than pepperoni. It’s an odd taste, but it’s strangely beguiling. It makes you want to smoke more and more. At some point, those extra bowls are a waste. You’re already as high as you’re going to get. But the taste is so delicious, it’s hard to resist packing one fresh bowl after another.

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Effect 4/5
At this point, even people who rarely smoke cannabis know the uplifting effects sativa strains are supposed to give you, while indicas are associated with a drowsy high that melts smokers into their couches.

Here’s the thing, those terms are far less rigid than people thick. From a cultivator’s point of view, sativa and indica strains are sourced from distinct plants. However, on the user’s end, a sativa could knock you out for hours, while an indica revs you up.

Outer Space by Remedy was a surprise. It’s a sativa-dominant strain, yet I could barely keep my eyes open after a bowl or two.

Product price: $11 1g preroll

You like weed, I like weed, let’s smoke Outer Space!

Seriously it’s that simple. Everyone who’s in the mood to get high should smoke a few Outer Space bowls and call it a day. It’s a unique strain, pepping you up when you need an energy boost, and putting you to sleep, with serene dreams when you need to get some rest.

The Outer Space pre-roll by Remedy lives up to expectations. Pick it up the next you’re at The Apothecarium, and you won’t be disappointed. It’s the kind of joint you crave on hazy, lazy days when even getting out of bed feels like too much effort.

7885 W Sahara Ave #112,
Las Vegas, NV 89117
Phone number: (702) 778-7987
Hours: 8 a.m.-10 p.m.  

The Apothecarium Dispensary. It has the standard suburban exterior you expect this many miles west of The Strip. Once you wind your way through the tangle of parking spots, you’re greeted by a glowing green Apothecarium logo stamped above the door. The glass windows are heavily tinted, obscuring your view. For all you know, you could be entering a legitimate old-fashioned apothecary.

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The Apothecarium’s lobby is small, but sparkling. Every surface gleams. If you subjected the Apothecarium to the white glove test, rubbing a gloved finger along the room’s edges, it would certainly pass. After the usual song and dance with the receptionist, you have to sit and wait until you’re called. A tablet perched on a podium organizes the queue. Names appear on a list, disappearing as budtenders pull customers back to the main retail space.

At first glance, the Apothecarium’s interior is as striking, as it is bland. The walls are plated with glass mirrors, magnifying the room to twice its actual dimensions. Most of the floor space is bare. Budtenders are sequestered behind a U-shaped row of squat display cases. Like the apothecarist of old, guiding you toward healing medicines, your budtender acts as a walking menu. If you’d rather peruse the real thing, the day’s offerings are presented in a bound book that you can flip through.

The entire experience hinges upon your budtender. Luckily for me, the woman I was paired with was amazing! Seriously, she was one of the friendliest people I’ve met in a long time. I already knew what I wanted, but I listened to her recommendations anyway just to see what she had to say

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