Over The Moon Live Resin

Strain: Over The Moon Live Resin

Producer: High Sierra Holistics

Contributor: Akil The Real Deal



Limonene gives energy 20%
The strong citrus aroma 80%
Linalool provides a calming floral flavor 80%
Limonene gives energy 80%
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High Sierra Holistics - Over The Moon Live Resin - 500mg for $25.00

Total THC: 373.85 mg
THC: 74.77%
CBD: 00.25%
CBG: 00.80%

Terpene Profile
Limonene: 25.6 mg/g
Myrcene: 12.4 mg/g
Linalool: 06.5 mg/g

Strain Review

High Sierra Holistics is a Reno-based cultivation and production facility, in the business of producing its own high value cannabis products. The Over The Moon Live Resin is created by flash freezing the live cannabis plant before extracting the cannabinoids and terpenes to give the concentrate intense flavors and potency. Unfortunately, information on the Over the Moon cannabis strain origins is not provided by High Sierra Holistics or the Essence Cannabis Dispensary

Appearance 1/5
The golden clump of Over The Moon live resin resembles a giant crystalized booger in the best way. The consistency reminds me of clumped brown sugar, but the color is closer to amber. The mass of concentrate moves together as one unit when I slide the jar around. High Sierra Holistics presents its concentrate in a resealable plastic and foil pouch with one transparent side. The label on the backside provides the 374 lab test results, and includes a warning to keep out a reach of children. I’m glad that the jar is child proof, and there is a view of live resin from the underside of glass.

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Aroma 4/5
Over the Moon LIve Resin offers an excellent perfume when I open the container. The strong citrus aroma of the 25.6 mg/g of Limonene reminds me of lemons. The saccharine and tart aroma reminds me of lemon drop candy. I also think of a classy lady’s perfume when I smell the Over The Moon Live Resin because of the 6.5 mg/g of LInalool’s floral tones. In the end, the 12.4 mg/g of Myrcene is harder to detect in the scent.

Taste 4/5
High Sierra Holistics Over The Moon Resin has a wonder saccharine taste because of its diverse terpene profile. When I take a dab of this sugary live resin I’m reminded of a tropical fruit cocktail and fun in the sun. The 25.6 mg/g of Limonene provides a bold floral citrus flavor in the concentrate. In the same way, the 12.4 mg/g of Myrcene are responsible for the undeniable tropical flavors in the smoke. Lastly, the 06.5 mg of Linalool provides a calming floral flavor that is also candied.

Effect 4/5
The antidepressant effects of Over The Moon Live Resin produced by High Sierra Holistics are realized almost immediately after my first dab. At first, there is an initial sensation of mental rejuvenation, as the Limonene gives energy, and the Linalool provides some stress relieving properties. Over time, I began to realize the effects of Myrcene that soothe my body. Compared to consuming flower, edibles, or vaping, the rapid onset of the high and power of the effects from dabbing is extremely exaggerated.


The high from Over The Moon Live Resin produced by High Sierra Holistics is amazingly powerful with a quick onset. I enjoy the sweet flavors and tastes from the diverse terpene profile of Limonene, Myrcene, and Linalool. However, I am not a fan of using a dab rig, and doubt I will continue purchasing cannabis concentrate.

Address: 2301 S. Las Vegas Boulevard
Phone number: (702) 978-7687
8 AM - 11 PM

My preferred method of consumption is typically flower, but I’ve been known to enjoy an edible gummy or chocolate on occasion. Furthermore, I prefer to smoke hemp paper joints, or glass bowls and bongs, when I smoke flower. The only times I deviate from cannabis connoisseur habits is when I am consuming with fellow weed warriors. I started skateboarding when the Coronavirus spread to America as a creative outlet and way to stay to fit. I often ride with a more experienced skateboarder friend that is also a weed warrior. My skateboard buddy brought dabs to our recent session, and I was thoroughly faded during the entire ride!

That day, our skate sesh took us from Ogden and Las Vegas all the way down to the Show Girl photo opportunity near the Strate. I remarked on how amazingly far we could travel on our skateboards, and my friend told me that she often likes to check out the Essence Cannabis Dispensary on rides. That’s when I had the idea to buy some live resin from Essence for my next weed haul. Later, after the skating and smoking was complete, I reviewed the Essence website, and saw a great deal on concentrate. High Sierra Holistics was selling .5g of Over The Moon Live Resin for $25.

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The following day, I rode my skateboard down to the Essence Cannabis Dispensary. Masks were mandatory inside, and I also had to check in with the receptionist using my driver’s license. There was another long line once I entered the shop, which gave me time to notice the medical patient counters were closed. I bought a bunch of other discounted products from Essence Cannabis Dispensary with my budtender, Nick.

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