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10 mg Pomegranate Gummies

Strain: Pomegranate Gummies

Producer: Wyld

Contributor: Jeremy “Bearded Guy” Johnson



The outer package is white, and inside there is a white squeeze top bottle 80%
It smells just like pomegranate juice 40%
It's sweet at first, but they get slightly sour as they melt. 20%
Feel nice and relaxed 40%


Ad description 0%
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Wyld Pomegranate 10mg Gummies
Wyld makes six different flavors of gummy edibles. Each piece has 10mg. The Wyld brand was found in the Pacific Northwest. The Wyld brand has a very outdoorsy theme. The brand itself encourages cannabis use in the outdoors to help us reconnect with nature.

Appearance 4/5
Wyld edibles come in a white box with tree branches and flowers on the outside. The outer package is white, and inside there is a white squeeze top bottle. The gummies inside the jar are all an orangish-red color. They are each stamped 10mg, and they have sugar all over them. The looks like dried orange and pomegranate juice mixed together. The color is unique. It is very appealing to the eye.

Aroma 2/5
There is a weak scent that comes from the Wyld Gummies. It smells just like pomegranate juice. The scent is tart but also sweet. It reminds me of the scent of lemon juice. It's a citrus-like aroma. The aroma isn't very strong at all. I have to put my nose very close to them to pick up the scent. It a scent I enjoy very much. It's just faint.

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Taste 1/5
I like the flavor of the pomegranate gummies at first. It's sweet at first, but they get slightly sour as they melt. I enjoyed the overall flavor. The aftertaste is where it went wrong. The aftertaste was like burning plastic or rubber. It just wasn't pleasant at all. It just ruined these edible for me. I normally like pomegranate flavor, but the aftertaste made me not like the taste of the edibles.

Effect 4/5
The Wyld Gummies made me feel nice and relaxed. I really enjoyed the pain relief. My back and hips had been aching all day. About 20 minutes later, my pain was gone completely. I felt very lazy and sluggish. 20 minutes after that, I was very hungry. I had a strong hankering for barbeque potato chips. The buzz from the gummies was a complete body high. It was slightly euphoric. I didn't notice any head high at all.

Product price: $25 for 3.5G
betaCaryohyliene: 0.003
Limonene: 0.003
Linafool: 0.002

Cannabis users that are looking for pain relief should try Wyld Gummies. The pomegranate flavor is good, but I would recommend one of the other flavors. Since they come in 10mg pieces, it makes it easy to find the dosage that will help alleviate your pain.

I liked the look, smell, and effect of the Wyld Pomegranate Gummies. The pain relief from one 10mg gummy was awesome. The taste, however, was off, and it was all because of the bad aftertaste. I can stand to chew them up, but the aftertaste is quite bad.

2307 S Las Vegas Blvd,
Las Vegas, NV 89104
Phone number:
Hours: 10AM-3AM 7 Days a Week

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Essence Dispensary
As I walk into the dispensary, I notice there is no wait at all. This is unusual for Essence because it is almost always packed with tourists because it's one of the only dispensaries in Las Vegas Blvd. I always feel like I am walking into a doctor's office when I walk into Essence because everything feels so crisp white and clean. It has an almost sterile feel. The medical window was closed today. Normally I can skip the line by checking in at the medical window. There isn't a line, no big deal. I am assuming that is why they were closed. The budtenders at Essence always greet me with a smile. My budtender was very willing to answer any questions. I asked him about a few different edible brands, He even showed me 7 different strains that were on sale, and he let me smell them all. The menus inside Essence are all on giant TV screens. The only negative is that Essence doesn't have products on display or in display cases. I have to ask a budtender just to see what something looks like. That is kind of annoying, but it's not enough to make me not visit. They have really good customer service. I got 5 prerolls that I was unhappy with. I left a message for the manager, and he called me back very quickly. He gave me any eighth for 1 penny. I was really impressed by this.

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