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Purple Monkey Indica

Strain: Purple Monkey

Producer: Green & Gold Supply Co.

Contributor: Michelle Flores

Purple Monkey Review
Purple Monkey Review
Purple Monkey Review
Purple Monkey Review
Purple Monkey Review
Purple Monkey Review


The mixture of light and dark green, flecked with reddish-brown hairs 60%
Sweet smell that leads to an earthy scent. 60%
Smooth hit with a light and sweet earthy taste. 80%
This strain is lower in THC, so one should not expect heavy feelings coming from it. 60%


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Strain or Product
Purple Monkey is an indica strain, originating in Las Vegas, NV from Green and Gold Supply Company. Lineage is unknown due to the private producer. This strain comes in at 18.97% THC. It's less than others that are available at this time, it does contain a minimal amount of CBD at 0.04% and 0.05% CBN though if that is one's preference.

Appearance 3/5
The mixture of light and dark green, flecked with reddish-brown hairs make up the large, dense bud of Purple Monkey. The trichomes are not resinous and seem to be almost powder-like covering the flower, and easily brush off when touched. Purple Monkey is easily broken down by hand, leaving a powdery residue behind that is easily brushed off. It is a visually appealing flower, however, if you don't expect to see purple as the name suggests.

Aroma 3/5
On the first sniff, Purple Monkey has a sweet smell that leads to an earthy scent. There are no detectable undertones that come from this strain. It is not a bad smell, but it isn't one that draws in the user and makes it enticing to consume. Purple Monkey is not overpowering, which would make this more discreet for one to store if it is needed.

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Taste 4/5
Upon consuming Purple Monkey, it is pleasantly surprising. One finds an extremely smooth hit with a light and sweet earthy taste. There is a little bit of a sweet and smokey aftertaste, but it is not unpleasant to experience. With this strain, one could lose track of how much is consumed in a session. Overall, Purple Monkey may not have a strong taste, but it makes it easy to consume and makes it easy to keep enjoying the session.

Effect 3/5
This strain is lower in THC, so one should not expect heavy feelings coming from it. Purple Monkey is a slight creeper that leads to a relaxing body high. Consuming it can lead one to be easily distracted from the task at hand, but it is very relaxing. The downside is that this strain does not really help too much with body pain, but does help mental relaxation.

Product price: 11.00/gram

Purple Monkey would be a perfect strain for a person's first experience with cannabis. It has a smooth hit and a very light taste that allows the user to enjoy the moment. It also has a relaxing high that does not lead to intense feelings. This strain does not help with pain relief, however, so experienced users should seek this strain for body and mental relaxation. Overall this is good for new or experienced users seeking full-body relaxation.

2755 W. Cheyenne Ave, Unit #103,
North Las Vegas, NV, 89032
Phone number: 702-776-4144
Hours: 24 hours

On this trip, I chose to visit the Thrive dispensary. It shares a building with a few other businesses, but was easy to find, being closest to the street. The parking lot is on the smaller side, but it was easy to find parking near the entrance when I arrived. When I walked in the front, it was a small room where the staff checked my ID into their system. The front staff was friendly and seemed excited to be there. After being allowed inside the rest of the shop, I found a waiting room with a few vendors who had set up booths for a sale that was going on. I then walked into a smaller room where the sales staff was located. It was a little busy, but the budtenders were quick to assist and were knowledgeable about the products being offered. Upon placing my order with the budtender, I was requested to wait for my name to be called by the cashier. Two customers were called before me, but the line flowed smoothly, and the cashiers were friendly. Once the cashier called my name, and I approached the register, she verified my order was accurate and took my phone number so that I could receive text updates on sales that happen. After my transaction was completed, I had to search for the exit since I could not leave the way I entered. The exit is on the side of the building, which was not convenient for where I parked. Thrive has a very closed atmosphere to me but the staff is friendly, which helped me to have a good experience here.

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