Queen Ann’s Revenge Crumble

Strain: Queen Ann’s Revenge Crumble

Producer: Roar

Contributor: Joshua Thomas



tiny white beads 49%
orange citrus and sugar 48%
sweet, citrusy flavor 43%
are strong and quick with an immediate relaxation 47%


Ad description 0%

Address: 4310 W Flamingo Road Las Vegas, NV 89110
Phone number: (702) 778-1173
Hours: 8 a.m. -2 a.m.  

Located on West Flamingo Road and only a 4-minute drive from the strip, Exhale Premium Cannabis Dispensary is a unique little clinic. Easily spotted by the glowing green, street-front walls, Exhale offers extremely exclusive products by Roar and Effex supply Co. (their daughter companies). The products aren't the only thing bringing customers back into exhale, the well-trained budtenders provide excellent service and take their time to help their specific needs.

I pull off of the busy street only a few minutes from the Vegas strip and park in front of the glowing dispensary. I enter the waiting room and was greeted by a security guard and two receptionists. I hand the lady my valid Identification card as she adds me into the system. She asks me if it was my first time visiting and if I would like to add myself to the rewards system. I told her that it was and that I would like to sign up for rewards. She points to the tablet to the right and I begin filling out my information. After a few short seconds, I’m added into the system, and ready to go.

A budtender opens the door to the showroom and leads the way. I notice the onsite ATM in the back of the room and walk-in it’s direction, noticing the greyish wood designs and products on display. I then withdraw some cash knowing that most dispensaries only accept it, and begin to ask about an intriguing product I was excited to try. He takes the concentrate from the display and lets me inspect it. He ensures me I’m making a good decision, and goes to the back to retrieve the extract.

I hand over the cash I previously withdrew and in return, I receive a black Zip-up Dispensary bag. I thanked the budtender who was more than outstanding and rushed to the car to check out the Queen Ann’s Revenge Crumble by Roar.           

Queen Ann’s Revenge

Queen Ann’s Revenge is a balanced hybrid that produces potent buds. The parent strains Blood wreck and Space Queen give this concentrate a complex high and aroma. The buds are said to have colors like autumn and resinous nugs that are covered in trichromes. 

Appearance (4.9)

This concentrate surely looks unique with tiny white beads that break away into an almost powdery consistency. The Wax is still sticky and resembles most other crumbles, although the color is truly stunning. The lack of color makes the concentrate appear to be clean and well extracted. 

Aroma (4.8)

The scent of Queen Ann’s Revenge is strong and potent. As soon as the little black top was opened the vibrant aroma of orange citrus and sugar. The smell wakes up the nostrils and is completely different from any other concentrate I've smelled. The scent can almost be compared to orange candy.

Taste (4.3)

As soon as the concentrate is inhaled the tongue detects the sweet, citrusy flavor that makes the mouth water. The taste is bright, bold, and even resembles candy as well. Those who may not enjoy heavy skunky or pungent flavors will enjoy the sweet tones of this crumble.

Effect (4.7)

The effects are strong and quick with an immediate relaxation that hits the body. The eyes get lower but don’t feel heavy as the cerebral high kicks into gear. The stimulating effects are lasting and will uplift and elevate the user's mood. The relaxing high is almost sedative but paired with euphoric energy the potent concentrate won't tire the consumer.

This THC heavy strain is not for the inexperienced cannabis consumer, as the potency can be too much for those with a lower tolerance. The truly balanced effects make this a great strain for any time of the day, just remember the strength in Queen Ann’s Revenge. Users will find this strain great for sitting back and enjoying a movie or show, or before heading out to get drinks. Medical patients will find this option amazing for stress, pain, depression, and insomnia.  

Queen Ann’s Revenge Crumble by Roar

This powerful concentrate can be found at Exhale Premium Dispensary for $35 a half gram. The crumble tests at 93.98% THC and has a distinctive terpene profile of 26.6 mg of Caryophyllene, 8.0 mg of Humulene, and 3.9 mg of Nerolidol. The appearance, aroma, and effects make it hard not to come back for more extracts by Roar.

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