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Raspberry Gummies

Strain: Raspberry Gummies

Producer: Mindy’s Kitchen

Contributor: Steve Kushkowski



It's a very beautiful shade of blue 100%
The raspberry scent is very strong 100%
Raspberry flavor is sweet and slightly tart 100%
Very relaxed and drowsy 80%
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Blue Raspberry Gummies are suggested for nighttime use. I read a few different places that these are good for helping alleviate pain and they help with insomnia. The budtender said that they are like a sugar consistency that melts in your mouth. The have a very soft texture.

Appearance 5/5
Mindy’s Kitchen 10MG Blue Raspberry Gummies come in a white plastic package. The package has the company logo in it as well as bright blue raspberry right in the middle. Each 10mg piece comes individually wrapped. Each package is clear and it has 10MG stamped on it. The gummies are bright neon blue and they are covered in a heavy coat of sugar. The color of each piece of candy is mesmerizing. It's a very beautiful shade of blue.

Aroma 5/5
Mindy’s Kitchen 10MG Blue Raspberry Gummies smell like blue raspberry Kool Aid. The raspberry scent is very strong. They smell like someone poured raspberry Kool Aid all the discovery a batch of mashed up raspberries and sugar. The scent makes me think of fruit drinks I used to get when I was a kid. It's a nostalgic scent. It brings back a lot of good memories. These are some amazing smelling candies.

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Taste 5/5
Mindy’s Kitchen 10MG Blue Raspberry Gummies taste like sugar and raspberries. The flavor is perfect. Each piece of candy slowly melts in my mouth. The flavor gets stronger and sweeter as it melts. The blue raspberry flavor is sweet and slightly tart. It has a little bit of sourness to it, but nothing overpowering. The flavor sticks in my mouth and turns my tongue blue. These taste like blue raspberry freeze pops.

Effect 4/5
The raspberry gummies made me very relaxed and drowsy. The drowsy feeling kind of slowly swept over my entire body. He crept up my back and made me feel very relaxed. I took 2 of the candies and felt the effects about 30 minutes after eating them. First my eyes got heavy, then came the body buzz. The pain relief I got from them was very nice. It helped me unwind after a long day at work.

Product price:$24 for 10 x 10mg

I would recommend Mindy’s Kitchen Blue Raspberry Gummies to anyone looking for a nice pain relieving body buzz. This candy is great for pain relief because of the strong body high, and they helped me to fall into a nice deep sleep, very easily. Mindy's Kitchen did a great job producing these.

1235 Paiute Circle
Las Vegas Nevada
Phone number: 702-844-2707
Hours: 24 hours a day 7 days a week 

NuWu Cannabis Marketplace is located just off of Main St. It is one of two locations that the Paiute Indians own and operate. They have a huge facility with a drive thru and the only cannabis tasting lounge in Las Vegas. Since NuWU Cannabis Marketplace is own indian land, they can do a lot of things that the other dispensaries can’t. They can have the tasting lounge and they even recently has the High Times Cannabis Cup on the last just adjacent to the store. The store is all showroom There is no lobby. When I walked in the door, the security guard greeted me and checked my identification. The lobby is packed with people. I went into the tasting lounge first and smoked a joint. Once nice and relaxed, I went to the budtending station and started browsing products. My bartender seemed a bit irritated at first, but he calmed down after a few minutes. There were a lot of people in line so they bartenders were all moving vigorously to keep up with the flow of customers. My budtender showed me a couple of flowers that were on special then he asked if I would like any suggestions. I told him I was looking for a really tasty sweet edible. I had a first date and I wanted to get them for my date. He said to try the raspberry gummies by Mindy’s Kitchen. He said they are more like sugary candy then gummies. I took his suggestion.

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