Rocket Fuel Rocket Pocket Preroll

Strain: Rocket Fuel Rocket Pocket

Producer: Glace

Contributor: Akil The Real Deal



The filter is congruent with the volume of dark green flower 80%
Earthiness and citrus aroma 60%
Bitter spice and floral tones 96%
Rapid euphoric effects 100%
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Glace: Rocket Fuel Rocket Pocket Preroll - Hybrid - .5g for $18.00
THC: 37.46%
CBD: 00.06%
CBGa: 00.868%

Terpene Profile
Caryophyllene: 4.03 mg/g
Limonene: 2.65 mg/g
LInalool: 2.28 mg/g

Rocket Fuel is a cannabis hybrid strain that some believe is indica-dominant because of its ability to reduce pain, inflammation, and stress. Likewise, other consumers report this strain's enhancement of leisurely activities. Hybrid Jet Fuel OG and indica Face Off OG are crossed to produce Rocket Fuel flower. This preroll not only contains bud but is also infused with crumble to skyrocket the THC percentage in this joint.

Appearance 4/5
The Rocket Pocket Rocket Fuel Preroll is contained in a transparent vial that invites examination of the paper plane's craftsmanship. There is also a detailed label from Libra Wellness that provides the lab test results and ingredients for the Rocket Pocket. The filter is congruent with the volume of dark green flower and concentrates in the preroll. I can see the clumps of gold crumble embedded in the mosaic of evergreen sugar leaves and calyx.

Aroma 3/5
The earthiness of Rocket Fuel is faint to my nose when I pull off the lid of the cylinder container. Even when I extract the Rocket Pocket infused preroll and put it above my upper lip, the bitter tones of the 4.03mg/g of caryophyllene are subdued. I was disappointed by the lack of a strong chemical cologne for a product with Rocket appearing in its name twice. That being said, I do get a sense of ammonia. There is also citrus aroma from the 2.65mg/g of limonene and floral tones from the 2.28mg/g of linalool.

Taste 4.8/5
I spark my Rocket Fuel Rocket Pocket preroll and am thrilled by the complex flavors of the hybrid preroll. Each hit brings out more of the diverse terpene profile. At first, my tongue detects the 4.03mg/g of caryophyllene as bitter spice tones. With the next hit, I taste the floral tones of the 2.28mg/g of linalool. Another puff and the sweet citrus 2.63mg/g limonene. Overall, this Rocket Fuel Rocket Pocket has funky tones and spiciness from the mix of flower and crumble.

Effect 5/5
The Rocket Fuel Rocket Pocket Hybrid flower blasts me off at warp 5 speed after three puffs of the half-gram infused preroll. There is no doubt that the rapid onset of intense euphoric effects is from the combination of Rocket Fuel hybrid flower and cannabis crumble, yielding an above-average THC percentage of 37.46%. In the end, Rocket Fuel gives me stress relief, physical relaxation, and joy hours after I consume the preroll. I also had the munchies!


The Glace Rocket Fuel Rocket Pocket infused preroll is way too potent for first time or novice cannabis smokers because of the crumble infusion. The combination of limonene, caryophyllene, and linalool gives this product awesome relief from pain, stress, inflammation, and insomnia. Perhaps this strain could also be used to combat anxiety, pain, stress, lack of appetite, and depression.
Out of all the Glace infused preroll choices on the Curaleaf online menu, I chose the Rocket Fuel Rocket Pocket because the name is fun to say! The hybrid high is uplifting and relaxing at the same time. If one is looking to get super high super quick, then the Rocket Fuel Rocket Pocket is the ideal vehicle to launch the ming and body to new heights.

Address: 1736 Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89104
Phone number: (702) 727-3187
In Store Hours 9 am – Midnight daily
Curbside Pickup Hours 9 am – Midnight Daily
Delivery Hours 10 am – 6pm Daily

I knew I became a usual at the Curaleaf Las Vegas Dispensary when the budtenders began recognizing me on my visits. In the same way, my affinity for this cannabis marketplace on Las Vegas Boulevard has resulted in my subconscious memorizing the friendly staff's names. The brand's prioritization of locals is displayed by the customer loyalty program. After I signed up for the Curaleaf's loyalty membership, I began to regularly receive text messages about special deals on dank. Sometimes, there are pop-up shops representing weed companies on site that will offer discounts or buy-one-get-one packages. In addition, Curaleaf has its own in-house brand that offers over 150 strains and 250 standard keeping units. One can purchase flower, prerolls, flower pods, vaporizer oils and concentrates, topical lotions, capsules, tinctures, mints, and lozenges. The UKU and Select Cannabis brand are prioritized by Curaleaf along with its own Hemp brand on

The only downside to frequently shopping at the same dispensary is that I begin to have the sensation that I have sampled all of the products Curaleaf has offered. Thus I was extremely intrigued to discover Glace's Rocket Pocket products on the Curaleaf online menu. The Rocket Pocket was listed in the concentrate section along with live resin, badder, shatter, sugar, and hash oil syringes. But I still was wondering, "What in the world is a Rocket Pocket?" My curiosity led me to a google search that took one of my feline souls as I learned a Pocket Rocket is a tiny yet potent female sex toy vibrator! I continued my research and finally realized Glace's Rocket Pocket is an infused cannabis preroll similar to the Motivators by Cannavative. Thanks to Hytiva's partnership with Curaleaf, I was able to add the half gram Rocket Fuel Rocket Pocket Preroll for $18 in my shopping cart. I received my dank delivery order from Jonathan later the same day, and I was glad to see my friend again.

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