Secret Weapon

Strain: Secret Weapon

Producer: Prime

Contributor: Keith Wagner



Preroll looks little chunks of oregano 60%
Very sweet pine scent 100%
Smooth and very easy on throat 100%
Nice relaxing and euphoric buzz 100%


Ad description 0%
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Secret Weapon is a sativa- dominant hybrid. It was created by crossing Cheesequake with White Widow. Secret Weapon is known to be a euphoric strain that gives the user a nice relaxing body buzz along with an uplifting head high. It is the secret weapon to destroying stress and tension.

Appearance 3/5
The inside of the preroll is a nice deep shade of green. There are no stems. There are little splashes of violet throughout the freshly ground plant material. The ground cannabis isn't too dry; it is still slightly moist. The inside of the preroll looks little chunks of oregano. It's hard to say what these buds looked like before they were broken down, I would bet they were very pretty. I didn't notice any unground fan leaves or stems.

Aroma 5/5
The aroma of this strain is very strong. Most prerolls the fragrance seems to subside after rolling and packaging them. This strain still has a very strong scent. It has a very sweet pine scent. My nose picks up hints of sour grapes, sweet citrus, and fresh pine needles. I am very impressed with the aroma of Secret Weapon. It's a very delightful scent. It's crisp, and I get hints of sweet pears and lime.

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Taste 5/5
Secret Weapon is one of the best tasting sativa-dominant strains I have had in Las Vegas. The flavor is like a mixture of apples and pine needles. The smooth is very rich. After a few hits, I don't notice any burning in my throat or lungs. The smoke is smooth and very easy on my throat. I love the aftertaste. When I like my lips after exhaling, I get a fresh pine flavor.

Effect 5/5
Secret Weapon alleviated the tension in my neck as soon as I took two hits. My mind was spring in the clouds, and my body has a nice relaxing and euphoric buzz. The stress of the Christmas holiday has really gotten to me, and this was my Secret Weapon to eliminate my stress. The euphoric body buzz was exactly what I needed. The uplifting head high really helped me get into the right frame of mind.

Product price: $15 for 1G Preroll

I would recommend Secret Weapon be used for relieving fatigue and stress. Users that are having a hard time relaxing will really enjoy the effects of this strain. It's a very fragrant and flavorful strain. Users looking for an uplifting head high will also enjoy Secret Weapon. This a great first-time user strain as well as great for experienced users.

2307 S Las Vegas Blvd,
Las Vegas, NV 89104
Phone number: 702-978-7591
Hours: 10AM-3AM 7 Days a Week 

Essence Dispensary is my favorite cannabis shop on Las Vegas Blvd. I love the glowing green walls on the outside of the store. They have a very glamorous feel to them. I walked in the front door and noticed the giant line right away. I waited about 25 minutes just to get checked in. I think they may need to reconsider the way the store is set up. They have this huge bottleneck in front of the store that really slows down the entire process. I finally got to the counter and checked in. Then I waited another 15 minutes just to get into the showroom. Once inside the showroom, things seemed to speed up a bit. After 45 minutes of waiting, I made it to the front counter. My budtender seemed a bit stressed. I would be stressed too if I had to deal with the line of customers flowing through the store. I felt extremely rushed this time around. Usually, the budtenders at Essence are very accommodating and let you take your time. Today was different. I looked at two strains and ended up getting a little irritated with the budtender trying to rush me along. So I only bought one preroll. I got the Secret Weapon by Prime 1G preroll. I was already annoyed by the wait, but the pushy budtender just made this experience bad for me. I will not go back to Essence on a Friday night again. I will most likely only visit them in the early morning.

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