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Sin Mint Cookies

Strain:Sin Mint Cookies by BaM

Producer: Bam

Contributor: Sabrina Lowe

SinMint Cookies
SinMint Cookies Bam


Lush green with hints of purple 100%
Smell it is skunky 60%
Fresh-baked sweet flavor 100%
Relaxing without being sleepy 90%
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  • Inyo Fine Cannabis Dispensary

Sin Mint Cookies is a Las Vegas signature strain that will get locals and tourists in the Vegas vibe. It is a cross between GSC and Blue Power.

Appearance 5/5
Sin Mint Cookies produces buds that are lush green with hints of purple. The buds are decadently coated with trichomes. Each bud looks like a precious jewel. The stigmas are small and don't stand out very much. They are short and have a light orange almost yellow hue.

Aroma 3/5
On first smell it is skunky. The aroma is not a sweet as I would expect, but it does mellow out a little as one continues to inhale. The pungency dissipates as fresh contrasting scents rise to the top. One will notice a minty note with a background hint of soil.

Taste 5/5
Sin Mint Cookies captured my attention again with its taste. It has the signature fresh baked sweet flavor that cookie strains typically have. This strain has an herbal quality as well that contrasts the sweetness. The fresh mint flavor mixes in which brings along an earthy note. The flavor of this strain will keep the user on their toes trying to pick out all the different tastes.

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Effect 4/5
Vegas nights call for a “just go with it” attitude that Sin Mint Cookies will ease the user into. Initially, it is intensely relaxing without being sleepy. One will feel a sense of euphoria which is perfect for taking in all the sights. A tingly body high washes over the user to make one feel loose. It has the typical qualities of an indica but without the feeling of being stuck. At the end of the night, be prepared to completely crash out though. As this strain wears off, one will feel quite tired.

This strain is excellent for those that may have anxiety about going out or for those that just eventually get overwhelmed when out and about like I do. Sin Mint Cookies is a tasty, fun strain perfect for sharing with friends. As a Las Vegas signature strain, it is meant to leave an impact and with a very high level of THC, new users should build-up to this.

Inyo Fine Cannabis Dispensary is a quality dispensary worth visiting despite its location. The budtenders and environment are professional and highly enjoyable. Sin Mint Cookies is a strain that locals and tourists should try at least once. I will personally be trying it again and again since I am giving this strain a 4.5/5. Next time there are plans to go out on the town, go big or go home and pick up Sin Mint Cookies from Inyo.  

2520 Maryland Pkwy
Suite 2
Las Vegas, NV 89109
Phone number: (702)707-8888
Mon-Sat 8AM-12AM
Sunday 8AM-10PM  

Inyo Fine Cannabis Dispensary has been one of my main, go-to dispensaries for their laid back, friendly environment, great prices, and a great selection. I stopped by during happy hour this particular visit by chance. I didn't know it was happy hour until I met up with my budtender. I entered their very secure double doors and checked in at the front desk. They have each customer check-in by their phone numbers which also tracks rewards points. Their location is a nice size and very brightly lit with bright, inviting colors to match. Not only are the people inviting, but the décor is inviting as well. The budtender was quick to grab everything I needed and went over each product in detail. Her knowledge of the product and her excitement for the brands made me excited to go home and try it all out. They have a great selection of some interesting topicals I may have to try soon. When it came time to ring everything up, she surprised me with 15% off during happy hour. They have happy hour Monday through Saturday from 8AM-10AM and 10PM-12AM. They also have happy hour on Sunday from 8AM-10AM and 8PM-10PM.

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They also have options for pick-up and delivery which makes shopping with Inyo super convenient. Their long hours are another huge plus for those that may need some flexibility to suit their schedule. They are always running great deals that they send via email or text to make sure their customers can take advantage of the savings. With happy hour every day, twice a day, and their commitment to their customers’ comfort, Inyo Fine Cannabis Dispensary will become a favorite amongst locals.

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