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Social: Cinex

Strain: Social: Cinex

Producer: Palms

Contributor: Akil Evans



Premium brand elegance 80%
Sweet, fruity flavor 80%
Spicy enough 80%
Great mood 60%
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Palms - Social: Cinex 7 Prerolls - Sativa - 3.5g
THC: 19.871%

- Caryophyllene - 10.505 mg/g
- Humulene - 3.369 mg/g
- Limonene - 1.027 mg/g

Cinex, also known as Cin X, is a sativa cannabis strain. Cinex offers the funk of skunk with a blast of citrus fruit. A majority of users express that the Cinex high increases creativity, energy, and positive thoughts. Cinderella 99, a dreamy hybrid strain, lends its genetics to Cinex. The other parent is a euphoric Sativa Dominant Hybrid known as Vortex.

Appearance 4/5

The west coast gold metallic themed presentation of Palms Social 7 preroll pack exudes the elegance of a premium brand. The box is sealed in plastic cling wrap with a sticker from Palms detailing the lab test results for the flower. I appreciate the shiny palm trees on the border of the packaging and the directions for proper consumption on the posterior.
I opened the hinged box and lifted the paper flaps to reveal 7 prerolls in cleverly separated by paper partitions.
All of the prerolls are identical, leading me to believe there were manufactured by a robot. I have never seen prerolls wrapped so tightly before, and a spiral shape is used in the paper filter to allow one to inhale the smoke with about cannabis debris.
The yellow-green flower is ground well but not into a powder. The lime green sugar leaves, mahogany pistils, and chartreuse calyx are still distinguishable from each other.

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Aroma 4/5

I peeled the plastic film off the Palms Social box and could already detect the sweet fruity flavors from the Cinex flower. As I sniffed the unopened box, I recognize the tones of lemon and lime, and I’m reminded of Sprite.
After I extract a preroll from the box for closer examination and do my signature roll of the joint under my nostrils, I smell lemon and ginger with a hint of oregano.
Once it’s lit, the white fumes from the smokes are bitter.

Taste 4/5

I pull one of the seven doobies from the box, and The Cinex preroll’s flavor is spicy enough to make me cough on the first hit. I breathe in a strong smokey and herbal flavor with every draw from the joint.
Where are the fruity citrus flavors I smelled?! It’s only after I begin to exhale that I can finally taste lemonade. And when I’m done exhaling, I’m left with the aftertaste of ginger.
𝛃-Caryophyllene is not joking around! The bitter, spicy influence dominants the flavor of Cinex.

Effect 3/5

I’m glad I’m able to give my opinion of Cinex’s effect because the initial high puts me in a special mindset in which I do not give a fuq! I’m in a great mood with a positive attitude. I’m ready to have fun and go out and kick it with my ninjas.
This is a surprise to me and my friends because I’m usually a homebody that prefers the comfort of my dank dojo.

Palms Social Cinex Prerolls live up to its title expectation by being the ideal product for hanging out with other weed warriors. With 7 prerolls, one can enjoy a preroll once a day per week for a wake and bake session. Alternatively, one could bring the entire pack to a party and have a lively smoking session. In my experience, Cinex’s sativa properties may energize, increase creativity, and reduce anxiety. Beginners should be able to safely enjoy this product, especially given instructions on the box: “: Remove pre-roll from pack and light. Once lit, take 1-3 gentle puffs. See how you feel after 5-10 minutes before consuming more.”

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I was attracted to Palms Social Cinex Sativa 7 preroll pack for several reasons. The trendy tropical theme of package reminded me of my dreams to move to the West Coast because of the glamorized lifestyle. Moreover, the fact that the package had seven joints meant that I could make one purchase that has the potential to sustain my weed needs for a whole week! Although the flavor can be very spicy and bitter, the high is uplifting and great for a wake and bake.

Address: 823 S. 3rd Street
Las Vegas, NV 89101
Phone number: (725) 333-7404
Hours: Daily 10AM - 12AM 

I took a morning stroll through Downtown Las Vegas to MedMen on 3rd Street. It’s a good thing I chose my feet for transportation because the construction on this street has become so extensive that it’s impossible to park or use the sidewalk. I had to step over upturned gravel and walk past the construction workers on break to reach the buzzer at the front door. I entered the lobby and was greeted with, “Welcome back!” despite it being such a long time since I returned, the staff recognized me. A security guard was paired with the receptionist at the first desk. He checked me in and informed me that I had $5 of loyalty points stacked.

There was only one other guest in the dispensary this morning since it just opened for business 18 minutes prior to my arrival. On my recent dispensary visits, I’ve been getting reamed by the ATM fees. Thus I went to the bank to acquire cash before entering the dispensary and didn’t need to use the ATM. I entered the dispensary space on the door to the left once the check-in process was complete. I was greeted by the affable budtender Christina, and we exchanged pleasantries about the lovely weather. First, I asked her if she ever tried the Palms Social Cinex Sativa preroll. Christina did have some experience consuming the brand and informed me that Palms sourced from Old Pal. In her experience, the flavor was lackluster, but the flower still gets you high. According to her, Old Pal’s weed delivers an effective high but lacks a wow factor. She compared Old Pal’s bud to the mids you may get from a friend who grows at home. Seven prerolls sounded ideal to me because I was only planning to smoke the weed once a day at 11:11AM. I paid $38.00 for the 3.5g Palms Social Cinex 1 preroll pack.


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