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Sour Diesel Motivator

Strain: Sour Diesel Motivator

Producer: Cannavative

Contributor: Akil Evans



Full gram infused preroll 80%
Scent develops into a powerful gasoline 100%
Semi-sweet tropical fruit 100%
Feel active and ready 100%
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Sour Diesel Motivator PreRoll - Sativa - 1 gram
THC Total: 58.09%
CBD Total 00.14%
THCa: 545.9 mg/pkg
THCd9: 014.4 mg/pkg
CBDa: 001.6 mg/pkg
CBGa: 031.9 mg/pkg
CBG: 001.6 mg/pkg

Terpene Profile
Caryophyllene: 10.5 mg/pkg
Humulene: 02.3 mg/pkg
Terpinolene: 01.8 mg/pkg
Limonene: 01.6 mg/pkg
Pinene: 01.1 mg/pkg
Linalool: 01.1 mg/pkg
Myrcene: 01.0 mg/pkg
Bisabolol: 00.8 mg/pkg

Sour Diesel, often referred to as Sour D, is a legendary strain so popular that most nonsmokers probably recognize the name. It seems like Sour Diesel has existed since the beginning of weed culture. Perhaps that is why it’s lineage is surrounded by uncertainty. Most leaders in cannabis agree that Sour D is a hybrid of Northern Lights, Chemdawg 99, and a phenotype of Chemdawg 91.

Appearance 4/5
A large rectangular sticker is attached to the black tube that secures my Sour Diesel Motivator full gram infused preroll produced by Cannavative. This sticker is important because it relays the terpene profile and cannabinoid information necessary to consume this product and get the most out of the high. The cylinder itself issues a THC warning and advises to keep this cannabis product away from children. In addition, the cap is childproof. White translucent paper wraps around the verdant crushed flower and nuggets. There is about ⅛ of the amount waxy concentrate clusters compared to the abundance of powdered chartreuse sugar leaves and yellow-green calyx.

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Aroma 5/5
I manipulate my finger and thumb to squeeze below the safety cap and pop open the lib. It is not possible to recognize Cannavative’s Sour Diesel Motivator full gram preroll with this action alone. I wave the open cap under my nose, and my sense of smell is hit with three separate waves of perfumes. At first, my nostrils fill up with a dry and spicy smell. Soon after, I can detect citrus elements in the cannabis cologne. At the end, the scent develops into a powerful gasoline, fuel-like aroma.

Taste 5/5
I slide Sour Diesel Motivator from its black plastic prison and press the side with the swirly filter to my lips. I press the button on my purple plasma lighter to ignite the joint without inhaling unnecessary butane. The initial pull invites smoked and bitter flavors that remind me of campfires and barbeque. Next, the flavor develops into tart tones similar to lemon-flavored water and key lime pie. In the end, the last taste to glide off my tongue is semi-sweet tropical fruit.

Effect 5/5
I feel super fresh blessed after the first few hits from Cannavative’s Sour Diesel Motivator Preroll. My willpower and focus have been upgraded as a side effect of enjoying the fun flavors of Sour D. The honeycomb wax embed in the sativa shake contributes to the hasty arrival of this strain's concentrated cerebral high. I feel active and ready to make it do what it do and get these goals accomplished. Because that’s how dreams come true!

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Product price: $25.00

Please exercise caution when consuming the Sour Diesel Motivator full gram preroll produced by Cannavative. First-time cannabis users should refrain from this strain, in my opinion. Even intermediate smokers may be overwhelmed by this high if attempting to consume the strain in one sitting. The effect of this Sour D produce will increase brain function and may reduce fatigue and depression. The effects of this strain are energizing and positive but may cause paranoia in inexperienced tokers.

Every time I’ve chiefed a Motivator strain by Cannavative, I have been impressed and high AF. It’s got me stuck in time with rhymes on my mind about feeling sublime, and I’m surprised by the taste of like considering the terpene limonene’s 1.6mg/pkg. That flavor pleasantly baffled me!

823 South 3rd Street,
Las Vegas NV 89101
Phone number: (725) 333-7404
Hours: Daily - 10am -Midnight (Dispensary)
Daily - 8am - Midnight (Delivery)

MedMen. I visited MedMen dispensary last Thursday after work to purchase a Zen preroll to help me chill out. And once again, I find myself climbing over perilous terrain and detouring down back alleyways to reach the unmistakable red brick building. The MedMen location in the Arts District is close to my favorite area of Las Vegas, Downtown! Even though MedMed is within walking distance, it has recently been a hassle to navigate to the dispensary because of the construction on 3rd street between Garces Street and Hoover Street. Piles of dirt and up shoveled pavement could not stop me from reaching my goal. My visits to MedMen have resulted in some procurements of top-shelf dank. Thus, I’m looking forward to my first reviews of cannabis products in the new year to be from MedMen.

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I gained clearance to pass the MedMen threshold after I pressed the buzzer on the door. After I submitted my driver’s license, I was finally allowed to enter to cannabis marketplace. I was welcomed by Alexander, a patient consultant, and budtender. In 2019, I favored indica-dominant hybrids and indica strains because of the bold berry flavors and mellow moods. That being the case, I have challenged myself to consume more sativa and sativa-dominant hybrid strains in 2020. Alexander chopped it up with me about the holidays and new calendar before we got down to business. He asked me if I had an idea of what I was searching for that day. I was prepared because I reviewed the MedMen website before my arduous journey. I informed him of my desire for Cannavative’s Sour Diesel Motivator Preroll. Alexander has yet to try the product but revealed he has recent experience with the MTF Motivator Preroll produced by Cannavative.

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