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Space Cruise

Strain: Space Cruise

Producer: Sierra Wellness

Contributor: Missy Matheny

Sierra Wellness Space Cruise Review December 2019 Sierra Wel
Sierra Wellness Space Cruise Review December 2019 Sierra Wel
Sierra Wellness Space Cruise Review December 2019 Sierra Wel
Sierra Wellness Space Cruise Review December 2019 Sierra Wel


Heavy coating of crystals 100%
Have a strong fragrance 80%
Very smoky and piney flavor 80%
Nice strong effects, with decent lasting power 90%


Ad description 0%
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Space Cruise 21.71% THC
Space cruise was originally created right here in Nevada. A cross between the classic Trainwreck and ID. Space cruise is a Sativa dominant hybrid, bred to have a strong diesel aroma. This strain is popular among daytime users. The name is actually a slang term for smoking marijuana on a long drive.

Appearance 5/5
Pine green but lightened in color by the heavy coating of crystals covering the entire bud. Bright orange hairs, softened in color by the crystals, grow like moss covering the nugs. Deep violet spots are apparent, but the heavy crystals dampen their appearance as well. The buds I received were extremely dense and sticky. The color of the buds, the crystals being like snow, with the red hair looking like tinsel, reminded me of Christmas trees.

Aroma 4/5
The buds I received didn’t have a strong fragrance. There was more of a light, kinda diesel smell, with a little hint of something sweet. Once burned, the diesel smell became a bit stronger, but it was still very light. The aroma made me think of logging trucks, the smell of diesel, and the sweet smell of freshly cut trees. A nice fragrance, I just had to bury my nose in the container to get the full fragrance.

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Taste 4/5
This strain was a bit on the harsher side on the first inhalation. The diesel aroma is all but lost in the taste, leaving an almost nothing flavor at first. A kind of aftertaste sat on my tongue after a couple hits. A very smoky and piney flavor, almost like walking through a campfire with wet pine needles burning. I didn’t cough, but I could feel it in my throat. Not a bad flavor, just really didn’t have a flavor, more of an aftertaste.

Effect 4.5/5
After about three hits, I felt kinda energized. My body was very relaxed, and my mood was slightly lifted. Space Cruise is a powerful Sativa, and I found that I didn’t need to smoke very much to get the effects to kick in. The high lasted a couple of hours, and I felt kinda tired as the high faded, but smoking more seemed to remedy that. Nice strong effects, with decent lasting power.

Product price: $10.00 per gram

I feel Space Cruise is a great wake and bake and all-day smoking strain. Great for people who want to blaze and be active. I feel it would be good for depression and light muscle relaxation. I think both veteran users and newer users would really enjoy this strain, veterans.

1605 2nd Street,
Reno, Nevada
Phone number: (775) 800-9355
Hours: 9am-9pm Monday-Saturday and 10am-6pm Sunday 

Sierra Well Dispensary
Sierra Well is located right behind Suzie’s Adult Book Store, and it’s only a few blocks from downtown Reno. The building is situated in a small shopping area, with the dispensary being the largest store of the maybe six or seven total shops I saw there. Parking is a little tricky as the entrance is small, and the exit opens onto a one-way street. There is a small amount of parking in front of the store areas, and a much larger overflow area behind the buildings, with an almost maze-like way of getting in and out of the parking area. Fortunately, I arrived early in the day, and I was able to park in front of the dispensary.

Once inside, I realized that this dispensary seems to focus on pick-up orders and deliveries. It is a larger store, with two counters on either side of the entrance just for pick-up orders. I was greeted by a nice older gentleman who took my ID. He spent a few seconds on his computer before asking me if I’d ever been there before. When I said no, he chuckled and said that was probably why he couldn’t find me in the system. He asked me to wait a few minutes, and my name popped up on a big screen saying that I was in line for the store. There was an estimated wait time of two minutes, but there was no one in front of me, and I had barely sat down to wait when I was called back into the budtenders counter.

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My budtender was polite and friendly, asked me what I was looking for, and we had a nice casual conversation about different strains. I told her my selection, she escorted me to the counter and put the information into a computer. Behind her, in a separate room, someone else retrieved the strains I requested and put them into a little basket. This is a completely different way of doing things than any other place I’ve been to in the Reno-Sparks area. They also offer something I haven’t seen anywhere else here. Instead of a stand-up ATM machine, they have what looks like regular card readers at the registers. I asked about them, and I was told that they’re ATM card readers. It still charges like using an ATM, $3.00 was labeled clearly on the machine, but they only take out $5.00 increments at a time instead of $20.00, and the budtender will return any change from the purchase.

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