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Strawberry Waffles

Strain: Strawberry Waffles

Producer: Dutch Girl

Contributor: Keith Wagner



Gourmet Treats 100%
Cinnamon and Strawberry 100%
Best Tasting Edibles 100%
Heavy Couchlock 100%
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Dutch Girl Strawbery Indica Waffles Review :

Dutch Girl makes a variety of different kinds of edible. The strawberry waffles look like waffle cookies. They have a layer of strawberry filling between 2 waffles. The indica waffles have 10mg of THC in each one. Each pack has 10 of them. They are very popular in the Las Vegas cannabis industry.

Appearance 5/5

The Dutch Girl Strawberry Indica waffles come in a black pop-top bottle. There is a sticker on the front of it that says "Dutch Girl." The waffles look like something you would find in the cookie aisle at the grocery store. The waffles are textured with the typical waffle imprint. Each waffle has a stamp on it that reads 10mg. These edibles look like gourmet treats.

Aroma 5/5

Each Dutch Girl Strawberry Indica Waffles smells like sugar with hints of cinnamon and strawberry. The strawberry aroma mixed with the scent of the waffle makes me hungry. The aroma is sweet and spicy. I really dig the way these waffles smell. It makes me feel like I ordered some crazy strawberry waffles at IHOP. There is a slight scent of maple syrup. The aroma makes me want to eat them all.

Taste 5/5

The Dutch Girl Strawberry Waffles taste amazing. They taste like fresh Belgian waffles that have been covered in syrup and fresh strawberries. The strawberry flavor reminds me of strawberry jelly. It is very sweet. The flavor has hints of cinnamon and sugar. These are the best tasting edibles I have ever had. The taste like an amazing breakfast.

Effect 5/5

The Dutch Girl Strawberry Indica Waffles are now my favorite edible. They made me feel like I was sinking into my couch, never to be found again. The couchlock was very heavy from these edibles. I got a bad case of the munchies. I wanted to eat everything in sight. After eating a huge meal. I went right to sleep. I don't remember going to bed, but I got there somehow.

I would recommend the Dutch Girl Strawberry Waffles to anyone looking for a heavy indica edible. If you like waffles, you will love the flavor of these strawberry waffles. The flavor is great. They taste amazing, and the effect is awesome. These are my new favorite edible.

I like the flavor and look of the Dutch Girl Strawberry Indica Waffles. I think this is a great product at a great price. I would eat these cookies even if they didn't have cannabis in them. In fact, I would love to find something similar that doesn't have THC in them. This is the perfect edible, in my opinion.

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The Dispensary is located just off of Tropicana and Decatur. It's in a strip mall. There is limited parking. The front lobby has a small chalkboard by the front window that has the daily specials on it. The Dispensary has some really great deals every day. The showroom is packed with people. There are at least 10 people in line in front of me. The budtenders are working feverously to get everyone in and out of the store in a timely fashion. There are smells jars attached to a desk in the middle of the room. The line zig-zags back and forth until it finally stops at the budtending station. All the cannabis products are on large shelves behind the budtenders. The manager makes his way around the room, greeting every customer with a smile. My budtender is very nice. She shows me all the different specials that they are offering. She tells me about the various edibles that The Dispensary carries. They have a wide variety. I told her I am looking for a strong edible that will help me relax. She says she likes the Dutch Girl Strawberry Waffles. She says that they taste great, and they will help me relax and unwind. I decided to go ahead and try them.

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