Sun Cake

Strain: Hybrid-Indica Dominant

Producer: Sol

Contributor: Missy Matheny



I love the buds I get from Sol 80%
A mix of piney-mint, honey 80%
The citrus was more defined in the flavor 80%
My muscle tension released almost entirely 80%

Sun Cakes 24.20%
THC 24.20%
CBD 0.1%

Limonene 6 mg/g
b-Caryophyllene 5.2 mg/g
a-Humulene 1.9 mg/g
Linalool 1.6 mg/g
b-Pinene 1.3 mg/g
a-Pinene 1.2 mg/g

Sun Cake may be a newer strain, as I couldn’t find anything about it online, with even the dispensary website where I purchased it only had the THC percentage available on their page. I’m going to guess that the parental strains are possibly Sunshine, a strong sativa strain, and one of the many Cake strains available. There are a few though, so which one isn’t easily discernible.

Appearance 4.5/5
Bright green buds with a thick layer of trichomes that makes the buds even brighter. With little orange hairs poking out of every crevice, the buds glowed like they were kissed by the sunlight. The nugs were all moderately-sized, lightly crispy, and dense. Although the edges were crispy, the buds peeled apart instead of crumbling, and the crystals made the buds extra sticky. I love the buds I get from Sol; most of them seem freshly cured when I get them.

Aroma 4.5/5
The aroma wasn’t apparent until I got close to the jar. A sweet mint greeted me once I put the container close to my face. It was very inviting, and I tried to immerse myself in the aroma by putting my face in the jar. A mix of piney-mint, honey, with a faint touch of citrus, combined to make a delicious fragrance, but it was mild, and I would have loved it to be stronger.

Taste 4/5
The first hit was a little harsh, but I could taste the honey and mint right away. The citrus was more defined in the flavor, with a sweet lemony zest taste hitting more and more throughout the bowl. A little bit of a sour aftertaste lingered after each hit, it wasn’t unpleasant, but I’m not fond of sour. The harshness increased a bit as the bowl burned, and I needed to keep a drink on hand when smoking this strain.

Effect 4.5/5
After a couple hits I started feeling more and more relaxed. My muscle tension released almost entirely. I found myself more and more focused on gaming and forgetting the world around me. After about an hour, I started feeling tired and ready to become one with my bed. I slept very solid, and woke up feeling refreshed. I can be a little sensitive to indica strains, so an indica hybrid is my preference for an end of day strain.

Product price: $25 per eighth (1/8th)



I found Sun Cake to be good for relaxation and focus. I felt a bit creative while using it, as well. I feel this strain would be helpful for mild insomnia, pain, and anxiety. I found this strain good for gaming, relaxing with a movie, and a general good strain for the end of the day.

The buds were so bright, like sunbeams made into material form. The fragrance was a sweet combination of honey, minty trees, and citrus, but It was milder than I’d like. The taste was a little harsh, with a lovely combination of the flavors present in the aroma, but had a sour aftertaste that I wasn’t fond of. The effects were a great combination of indica and sativa, with a definite indica dominance.

275 US Highway 395 South, Washoe City, Nevada 89704
Phone number:(775) 451-7290
Hours:  Monday-Saturday 10am-7pm and Sunday 10am-5pm

Sol is a unique dispensary located between Reno and Carson City in the gorgeous Washoe City. There are a lot of things that make Sol unique, as this company seems to be approaching the cannabis market differently than other dispensaries in the area. First, Sol grows their marijuana onsite in a greenhouse.

This is a real greenhouse that uses natural sunlight to grow the plants. They do this organically, without harsh chemicals that might show up in the flavor of their cannabis. Next, they display a portion of the greenhouse to customers, with growing plants visible and labeled. There is a waiting area with coffee and tea, and a long walkway that displays a small amount of merchandise, but more prominently the walkway displays the flower available for purchase on one wall, other cannabis products in the middle, and trophies that Sol has won for their marijuana in different competitions.

I love going to Sol. It’s a bit of a drive for me, but I feel it’s very worth it. After checking in I lingered at the greenhouse window, looking at tall marijuana plants that had full buds on them. I saw Bob Saget, White Rhino and more, all displaying gorgeous and very different flowers.

My budtender was very friendly and helpful. He definitely had pride in his work and knew a lot about the products available. I could easily spend a few hours hanging out at Sol just looking at the flowers and talking with the knowledgeable staff.

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