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Sunset Sherbert Infused Preroll

Strain: Sunset Sherbert Infused Preroll

Producer: MMG

Contributor: Asia Mayfield



The weed with colorful character accents 100%
The scent is too bland, too simple 60%
Fruity 100%
Bad mood after smoking 100%


Ad description 0%
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THC: 47.19%
b-Caryophyllene: 9.70 mg/g
Humulene: 3.20 mg/g
Linalool: 2.80 mg/g

Appearance 5/5
The pre-roll is encased in a purple tube, with a white information label slapped onto the side. Inside, a slender joint rests among bits of escaped flower. The wrapping paper is tightly wound. Powdery green weed looks silverish under its wrapping. Split the preroll open, and you’ll create a tumbling pile. Bits of orange and gold sprinkle the weed with colorful character accents.

Aroma 3/5
I can’t say anything interesting about this, to be honest. The scent is too bland, too simple. It can barely struggle its way up to my nostrils. A slight breeze would destroy it. If you break the joint open, the aroma springs out, and is easier to detect. It smells like wet, like a marshy bogland. The aroma desperately needs a sweet or fruity note to balance it out.

Taste 5/5
You’re not going to run into a flavor like this often. Smoke from the Sunset Sherbert pre-roll has an intriguing taste. The first word my brain latches onto is “fruity,” but it’s not quite right. It’s like I’m tasting a glug of motor oil, with a few cherries thrown in. Trying to unpack all of the flavors in the smoke is impossible. As you do your “research” and smoke more, you’ll be too stoned to think about the question anymore.

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Effect 5/5
At nearly 50% THC, Sunset Sherbert makes a lot of promises. You expect it to be dank and powerful. And guess what? This pre-roll didn’t disappoint. Two puffs in, and I was ready to slip into a heady bliss. THC isn’t physically addictive, yet I absolutely crave it. I can’t imagine remaining in a bad mood after smoking Sunset Sherbert. It may as well be a fast-acting antidepressant.

Product price: 1g pre-roll ($20)

Infused pre-rolls are like a novelty item. They usually don’t have enough THC to lure in serious smokers. To be fair, this pre-roll won’t be the most potent joint you’ll try in Vegas. Still, the motivator line is awesome for people who don’t have a lot of experience with THC, but want to try something “strong.”

You either like infused pre-rolls, or you don’t. If you’re not a fan, nothing in MMG’s Sunset Sherbert Infused Pre-roll is going to change your mind. It’s a typical infused joint. Which means that it’s pretty good, but not great. It almost feels wasteful, it’s so easy to blaze through it.

Address: 5347 S Decatur Blvd #100, Las Vegas, NV 89118
Phone number: (702) 827-4979
Hours: 8 a.m. - 12 a.m. Sunday through Wednesday, 8 a.m. - 1 a.m. Thursday through Saturday

Somehow, it took me more than two years to wander into The Dispensary. I’m a self-described weed aficionado, with a lot of spare time, yet I still never wandered into their storefront. I think it’s because of the name. All mentions of “The Dispensary” were funneled into general knowledge. I never attached those words to any specific place.

Well, I’m kicking myself for not showing up sooner.

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The Dispensary’s deals are fantastic. Every single day, you can pick up a $49 quarter. It’s quality weed, too. Often, these deals are fulfilled with low-grade flower. Instead of plump, pretty nugs, you’ll find wispy shreds of stems and crumbly leaves. That’s not what you get at The Dispensary, though. Their bargain strains are dank, top-shelf buds. Which is always nice to see.

Since you’re already spending $49, you may as well knock out the rest of your cannabis needs. Why, you ask? Well, spend enough money, and you will be able to spin the “reward wheel.”

It reminds me of old birthdays in chain restaurants, when the servers would surround the table singing happy birthday. Here, the budtenders shout “wheel spin!” and start clapping. You can win free prerolls, extracts, a cash voucher, the list goes on and on. Besides hooking up customers with deals, it’s a super-fun way to make your dispensary stop a little more interactive.

The Dispensary is tourist-friendly because most of their deals can be used on the spot. You don’t need to rack up points or visits, like you would at other locations.

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