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What Are The 7 Steps To Follow While Growing Indoor?

Contributor: Mark Bishop The indoor plants are mood enhancers. Greenery of these plants brightens up the living space. Indoor plants are popular because they add value to the indoor décor theme, provide health benefits and are easy to take care of. Here are seven steps to follow while growing indoor plants. Room to Grow The… Read More »

Best Vape Kits 2021

Contributor: D Thomas Today most smokers are switching from their regular cigarettes to vapes. Talking about the supremacy of smoking vapes over cigarettes, the health benefits of vapes remains uncertain. However, e-cigarettes contain fewer harmful chemicals and toxic substances than traditional cigarettes. Hence, let us establish that a vape is a less damaging alternative.  News… Read More »

How Does CBD Affect Your Workout?

Contributor: Bill Simpson Many people know that a few drops of CBD oil added to your breakfast or morning coffee can help manage stress or anxiety (you can check out Saha Self Care’s website to find more ways to incorporate CBD into your morning routine). However, not all know that CBD can also help in… Read More »

The Difference Between Regular, Feminized, and Autoflowering Seeds

Contributor: Green Goddess You can find a wide variety of marijuana seeds on the market. So how to choose the right ones? For one, you have to know the difference between the three most popular categories: autoflower, feminized, and regular. Each one is different in yield size and cultivation, so it is crucial to know… Read More »

CBD Application Method Absorption Rates

CONTRIBUTOR: Connie Rose CBD is the second most known and used cannabinoid, closely following THC, which is the main psychoactive component of marijuana. Since the health benefits of CBD began to be studied and proven, the methods of consumption have expanded at the same pace. Today, there are countless presentations of CBD on the market,… Read More »