Best Hybrid in Las Vegas

Blackjack Collective - Tropic Lightning - Hybrid

Tropic Lightning – Hybrid by Blackjack

Tropic Lightning Strain: Tropic Lightning Producer: Kiff Contributor: C. Imani Williams 4.5  4.5/5 pros Appearance Grape-sized 50% Aroma Pepper and spicy 40% Effect Sleepy feeling 50% Cons None Ad description 0% Blackjack Collective Dispensary Our Analysis Recommendation Final Thoughts Address: 1736 Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, 89104 Phone number: 702 – 727- 3187 Hours:… Read More »

Blue Dream

Top 10 Las Vegas Cannabis Strains with Detailed Reviews & Where to Buy

Top 10 Las Vegas Cannabis Strains Contributor: Asia Mayfield You’re at a Las Vegas dispensary. The smell of skunky, earthy weed hovers in the air. Jars and bottles filled with dank buds can be seen everywhere you look. Your budtender wants to know- what are you going to buy? Figuring out what to smoke can… Read More »

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