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Are Dispensaries Safe to Visit?

Contributor: Jon Baron Because of the coronavirus pandemic, most Americans are feeling some qualms about… Read More »

Full Metal-Jacket-Shatter-1

Full Metal Jacket Shatter


Full Metal Jacket Shatter
Strain: Full Metal Jacket Shatter
Producer: Shango
Contributor: Asia Mayfield
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Blueberry Shortcake 1g Preroll


Blueberry Shortcake 1g Preroll
Strain: Blueberry Shortcake 1g Preroll
Producer: MPX
Contributor: Akil The Real Deal
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Here’s How Cannabis Can Help With Your Arthritis

Contributor: Eric Bloom There’s really no end to what marijuana can do. The list of… Read More »


Does Weed Kill The Corona Virus? No, it does not.

Contributor: Kc Scannell Well, we’re certainly living in an interesting time, aren’t we? While the… Read More »

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