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5 Tips to Calm Down When You Are Anxious or Angry

It can be hard to get in control of your emotions. However, it is especially hard if you are dealing with anxiety. While it seems that getting rid of negative emotions is so easy, more and more people all over the world get diagnosed with anxiety disorders or depression. That is so because, at most… Read More »

Yocan Coils: Are They Worth It?

Contributor: Bridgett Beau Johnson One of the first considerations consumers make when buying vaporizers are the coils. Coils are arguably one of the most important parts of a vaporizer and one brand has been making quite the buzz with the selection of the atomizers they offer. Today, we’ll talk about Yocan, Yocan coils, and if… Read More »

Finding the Best Vape Deals in 2020

Best Vape Deals in 2020

Contributor: Connor McMannis Things have definitely changed. There was a time when we used to search magazines and other forms of publications for coupons that we surrender on stores for discounts and codes. Pre-internet era, we had to take notes and keep tabs of where we can get cheaper prices on consumer electronic products. People… Read More »

Marijuana Grow Space For Sale In Michigan

Grow Space For Sale In Michigan

Contributor: Kellan Stark If you are under the impression that finding and purchasing a marijuana grow space in Michigan is easy, I’m sorry, but that’s not exactly how things work. That’s not to say that finding a marijuana grow space for sale in Michigan is impossible. In fact, you may be surprised at how many… Read More »

The Importance of Using pH and PPM Pens for Your Cannabis Grow Room

The Importance of Using pH and PPM Pens for Your Cannabis Grow Room

Whether you’re new to growing and embarking on your first indoor crop or you’re a cannabis-cultivating veteran who has been doing this for decades, you need to be focusing on pH and PPM. It doesn’t matter if you’re growing 2 plants or 200, problems with pH can cause irreversible damage to a cannabis grow room.… Read More »