Legalize Cannabis

The Use of CBD in Treating Dementia-related Conditions: What You Should Know

Contributor: Brittany Iverson The consumption of cannabis plant-derived compounds is a much-discussed topic all over the world. While many countries have banned cannabis in all its states, there are some nations who have realized the health benefits of the chemical produced by it, known as CBD, and are using it to advance their medical approach… Read More »

Man, 80, arrested for growing cannabis plants for CBD oil that’s ‘saving his life’


Source: A man who was arrested for growing cannabis plants for medicinal purposes believes the law will kill him, when the Class B drug is keeping him alive. Philip Antony Bevington, who goes by the name Tony, started growing cannabis plants in his garage to extract both CBD and THC compounds in the plants’… Read More »

Rhode Island Lawmakers Backtrack on Attempt to Have Legislative Veto Powers Over Medical Cannabis, Hemp Regulations


Source: Rhode Island lawmakers voted Feb. 4 to abandon legislative veto powers over the state’s medical cannabis and hemp regulations, which they awarded themselves in a state budget proposal last summer. The House and Senate passed identical bills in unanimous votes that removed the “legislative veto” language from the budget… Read the rest on… Read More »

No legal recreational marijuana vote in Florida in 2020


Source: Voters in Florida will not be getting the chance this fall to decide on legal recreational marijuana. “They got close with the signature count, it’s been difficult for them to validate that in time for the election,” says attorney Peter Porcaro, who specializes in cannabis law and had been part of the effort… Read More »

Want To Grow Weed In Las Vegas? Here’s Everything You’ll Need To Know

Want To Grow Weed In Las Vegas_ Here's Everything You'll Need To Know

Contributor: KC Scannell Show me a cannabis enthusiast who hasn’t thought about growing their own marijuana, and I’ll show you a liar. How can you not lose yourself in visions of a successful homegrow? One that yields a heaping helping of dank, picturesque nugs? It’s impossible. Anyone with any level of affection for cannabis has,… Read More »