CBD Benefits for Fitness

Contributor: Carol Kalvelage If you are into fitness and health, you’re probably always searching for ways on how you can take your workout to another level. From choosing the best workout clothes to the correct workout forms. You’re also probably looking for some supplements or drinks to help you perform at your best during your… Read More »

The Use of CBD in Treating Dementia-related Conditions: What You Should Know

Contributor: Brittany Iverson The consumption of cannabis plant-derived compounds is a much-discussed topic all over the world. While many countries have banned cannabis in all its states, there are some nations who have realized the health benefits of the chemical produced by it, known as CBD, and are using it to advance their medical approach… Read More »

How Does CBD Affect Your Workout?

Contributor: Bill Simpson Many people know that a few drops of CBD oil added to your breakfast or morning coffee can help manage stress or anxiety (you can check out Saha Self Care’s website to find more ways to incorporate CBD into your morning routine). However, not all know that CBD can also help in… Read More »

The Difference Between Regular, Feminized, and Autoflowering Seeds

Contributor: Green Goddess You can find a wide variety of marijuana seeds on the market. So how to choose the right ones? For one, you have to know the difference between the three most popular categories: autoflower, feminized, and regular. Each one is different in yield size and cultivation, so it is crucial to know… Read More »

10 CBD Products You Need to Buy in 2021

Contributor: D. Thomas Have you ever heard of CBD? In a nutshell, it stands for cannabidiol, and it is a chemical compound that is found in marijuana plants. It is commonly used to treat different types of chronic pain and insomnia, among other things. Because of that, CBD has found its way into a wide… Read More »