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How To Make THC Kentucky Bourbon Balls From Scratch

Over The Moon Live Resin


Over The Moon Live Resin
Strain: Over The Moon Live Resin
Producer: High Sierra Holistics
Contributor: Akil The Real DealRead More »

High Five Duo: The Newest Rig on The Market

Contributor: Ace Testaker One of the fastest-growing platforms in the vaporizer industry is the eRig platform, with new models consistently coming out that the local eRig landscape is constantly changing. The High five duo vape rig is one of the latest (and probably the best) eRigs on the market and one that can potentially change… Read More »

Yocan Coils: Are They Worth It?

Contributor: Bridgett Beau Johnson One of the first considerations consumers make when buying vaporizers are the coils. Coils are arguably one of the most important parts of a vaporizer and one brand has been making quite the buzz with the selection of the atomizers they offer. Today, we’ll talk about Yocan, Yocan coils, and if… Read More »

Marijuana Grow Space For Sale In Michigan

Grow Space For Sale In Michigan

Contributor: Kellan Stark If you are under the impression that finding and purchasing a marijuana grow space in Michigan is easy, I’m sorry, but that’s not exactly how things work. That’s not to say that finding a marijuana grow space for sale in Michigan is impossible. In fact, you may be surprised at how many… Read More »