Marijuana Review

LA Confidential Flower


Fleur LA Confidential Flower
Strain: LA Confidential Flower
Strain Type: Indica
Producer name: Fleur
Contributor name: Ganja Gangsta
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So Cal White Lightnin

So Cal White Lightning


So Cal White Lightning
Strain: So Cal White Lightning
Producer: NDiskreet
Contributor name: Asia Mayfield
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HP13 Preroll Curaleaf Dispensary PreRoll

HP13 Preroll


HP13 Preroll
Strain: HP13 Preroll
Producer name: Culture & Cannabis
Contributor name: Akil The Real Deal
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High Five Duo: The Newest Rig on The Market

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Best Vape Deals in 2020

Finding the Best Vape Deals in 2020

Contributor: Connor McMannis Things have definitely changed. There was a time when we used to… Read More »

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