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The Importance of Using pH and PPM Pens for Your Cannabis Grow Room

The Importance of Using pH and PPM Pens for Your Cannabis Grow Room

Whether you’re new to growing and embarking on your first indoor crop or you’re a cannabis-cultivating veteran who has been doing this for decades, you need to be focusing on pH and PPM. It doesn’t matter if you’re growing 2 plants or 200, problems with pH can cause irreversible damage to a cannabis grow room.… Read More »

Cannabis and Covid-19. What Does the Future Hold?

Cannabis and Covid-19. What Does the Future Hold?

Contributor: JOHN A. COLLINS Covid-19 has impacted various industries, some quite significantly. Consumer behaviour, business operations, and finances have changed within a short span. Partial lockdowns, furloughs (unpaid, paid or partially paid), loss of income, and social distancing have impacted the social and economic fabric worldwide. The global pandemic is changing a lot, shaping what… Read More »

Here’s How Marijuana Can Help Those With HIV/AIDS


Contributor: Robert Wallace As you already know HIV/AIDS is a serious immune disease that affects the lives of millions. While there are ways to cope with the effects in today’s climate, that sort of instance wasn’t always the case, as HIV/AIDS used to be a much more solemn diagnosis to be dealt. However, while there’s… Read More »

Does Weed Kill The Corona Virus? No, it does not.


Contributor: Kc Scannell Well, we’re certainly living in an interesting time, aren’t we? While the news about the spread of coronavirus may be worrisome, there are many things you, the average cannabis enthusiast, can do, in order to properly weather this unfortunate storm of sickness. During these moments, we often find most of our information… Read More »



Source: A recent study has revealed that the endocannabinoid system may provide a novel treatment for alcoholism. Researchers have found that cannabinoid receptor 2 (CB2) is able to modulate the reward pathway for alcohol consumption. Specifically, when CB2 is antagonized. Read the rest on cannabis latest news, Cannabis News, Cannabis News Tips, Las… Read More »