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Coronavirus Outbreak Impacts Cannabis Industry


Source: With half a billion people under lockdown, the coronavirus outbreak in China is virtually certain to take a grave impact on the Asian superpower’s economy with ripples across the planet. And the cannabis industry is, like so many global concerns, dependent on labor in China’s factory zones. Read the rest on cannabis… Read More »



Source: A recent study has revealed that the endocannabinoid system may provide a novel treatment for alcoholism. Researchers have found that cannabinoid receptor 2 (CB2) is able to modulate the reward pathway for alcohol consumption. Specifically, when CB2 is antagonized. Read the rest on cannabis latest news, Cannabis News, Cannabis News Tips, Las… Read More »

Top Mexican Senator Says Marijuana Legalization Bill Will Be Approved This Month


Source: A top Mexican lawmaker says the nation’s Senate will vote on a bill to legalize marijuana by the end of this month. Sen. Julio Menchaca of the ruling MORENA party, who serves as president of the Justice Committee. said this week that legislation to legalize cannabis has “members”. Read the rest on… Read More »

Trump Budget Strips Marijuana States Rights

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Source: As President Trump travels around the nation to his various reelection rallies, a giant banner with the slogan “Promises Made, Promises Kept” is always displayed prominently behind him. A quick review of a 2016 radio interview provides even more evidence that this is not true. Read the rest on cannabis latest news, Cannabis News,… Read More »

Peddler’s Licenses & Co-Ops: Chicago Brainstorms Ways to Make Cannabis More Equitable

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Source: Cannabis became legal in Illinois on New Year’s Day, and now Chicago’s administration and community leaders are brainstorming ways to implement a model for the industry that addresses the social harms of prohibition. Chicago is one of the cities that has been most impacted. Read the rest on Cannabis News, Cannabis News… Read More »