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Tangie Dream

Strain: Sativa

Producer: MedMend Red

Contributor: Akil Evans



A red sticker label on the front of the package indicates the brand 60%
I finally manage to unseal a bit of the Ziploc-like clasp 80%
I get the impression of mangos followed 60%
I have the feeling of levitation because of how light my chest 100%
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MedMen Red: Tangie Dream Flower - Sativa Dominant - $30.00 for 3.5g

THC: 15.20% THC

Terpene Profile
𝛃-Myrcene: 5.4mg/g
𝛃-Caryophyllene: 2.5mg/g
𝞪-Pinene: 1.5mg/g

Tangie Dream is considered a sativa-dominant hybrid strain because of its lineage and effects. Tangie Dream is created by crossing Tangie, a sativa strain, with Blue Dream, a sativa-dominant strain. DNA Genetics pioneered Tangie from Skunk x California Orange in hopes of replicating the award-winning Tangerine Dream strain. Although the names are similar, Tangie Dream and Tangerine Dream are two different strains. Tangerine Dream’s lineage includes G13, Afghani, and Neville's A5 Haze.

Blue Dream, on the other hand, is known for its burst of creative energy followed by pain relief and relaxation. These are qualities of a true hybrid. I am anticipating berry, tropical, and citrus flavors along with a bit of a bitter taste from the terpene profile. The THC is very low at 15.20% and foreshadows a very mild high.

Appearance 3/5
My 3.5 grams of Tangie Dream Flower produced by MedMen Red are packaged in an opaque white, sealed plastic pouch. A red sticker label on the front of the package indicates the brand, strain, and weight. On the backside is a white sticker with a marijuana product warning and lab results. I pop open the sealed bag to spill out several mountainous nuggets and seven other miniature nuggets. The flower is formed beautifully around the stem but is very loose. Every time I touch the calyx, shake falls from the weed. The calyx of the flower displays a shade of green similar to the colors I see in the forest. I would describe the bud of the flower as fern or forest green. The sugar leaves are the same shade as the flower, but I do notice a dark purple tint in some of the leaves. The pistils are short but plentiful and hue of orange like tangerine. There are plenty of trichomes covering the bud, but they do not twinkle like stars in the sky.

Aroma 4/5
This packaging is the ultimate childproofing. After pinching the bag for a few minutes, I finally manage to unseal a bit of the Ziploc-like clasp, and the potent scent from Tangie Dream escapes from the pouch and infiltrates my nostrils. My first impression of the flower’s cologne is a mix of the forest and sharp chemical tones. Closer inspection of the aroma with some well-placed sniffs reveals the undeniable tropical fruit and musky flavor of myrcene. The pinene’s aroma is present on the tail end of the perfume but is still very sharp. Moreover, there is an animalistic odor reminiscent of feline urine.

Taste 3/5
I gather all the baby nugs and grind them up to pack them in a glass bowl. On the first hit, I get the impression of mangos followed by harsh pepper. The bitterness lightens as I begin to exhale, and the fresh herbals tones of the pinene are expressed. The aftertaste of MedMen Red’s Tangie Dream has citrus elements that remind me of Trident orange gum. The blend of sweet and bitter tones in the smoke reminds me of ginger.

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Effect 5/5
Initially, I feel the body high effects of Tangie Dream as opposed to the mental stimulation I expected from a sativa-dominant hybrid. I have the feeling of levitation because of how light my chest feels after the first five hits from the bowl. Soon the feeling spreads throughout my entire body. I feel like my body is surrounded by fluffy bubbles because of the deep euphoria. My demeanor becomes calmer, and my thoughts become more paced and concentrated.

I would recommend MedMen Red’s Tangie Dream to intermediate smokers and even first-time tokers. It’s 15.20 % THC is below average when compared to all previous flower products I have purchased from a dispensary. Thus the high is not likely to overwhelm the senses. In the same way, the high amount of the relaxing terpenes, myrcene, may combat the paranoia many first-time cannabis consumers experience.

In my opinion, MedMen Red’s Tangie Dream should be classified as a hybrid or maybe even an indica-dominant hybrid. I felt many more powerful physical sensations than I did mental ones from my smoke session. My bodyweight must have been reduced to zero while I was high of Tangie Dream! Mentally, I did feel more confident and methodical. Plus, it gave me an increase in my testosterone in the bedroom.

Address: 823 S 3rd St Las Vegas, NV 89101
Phone number: (725) 333-7404
Hours: Dispensary 10AM - Midnight
Delivery 8AM - Midnight

2019 was the year of indica and indica-dominant hybrids for me. My affinity for the fruity and funky flavors grew as I sampled more lineages of Kush and Girl Scout Cookies. As a result, I rarely smoked sativa strains in 2019. Thus, I decided to sample more uplifting strains like Tangie Dream in 2020. On my search for this sativa flower, I visited Next, I had to select a store between the Strip, Spring Valley, and the Downtown. My choice is always the MedMen located near the Arts District because Downtown Las Vegas, DTLV, is the place to be.

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The following screen displayed products sorted by bestsellers, and a filter on the left of the screen offered a multitude of options. Brand, Product Potency, Effect, Strain Type, Cannabis Consumer Proficiency, and Category are available to customize to my preference. I decided to keep it simple to see as many results as possible. I chose Flower in Category and Sativa in Strain Type. Tangie Dream was the first product to catch my eye because I had sampled many of the other strains listed. Even though I could have had my future purchase delivered, I decided to commute to the physical store for some human interaction.

Keemberly was my budtender and greeted me with a warm welcome. She was very attentive and happy to share her positive experience with Tangie Dream. I was able to purchase the flower 3.5 grams for $30.00 utilizing my debit card. I did not mind visiting MedMen despite the site offering free delivery for a limited time because of the consistent hospitality and excellent service.

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