Tidal Wave

Strain: Tidal Wave

Producer: Nuleaf

Contributor: Asia Mayfield



The color glints and shines under sunlight 60%
The smell doesn’t leap out of the bag 60%
Mud and leaves 60%
Happy, relaxed emotions 60%

Strain or Product
Nuleaf has a giant grow operation. Most of the strains on their menu are grown in-house. Tidal Wave is no exception. It’s a typical Nuleaf strain. Tidal Wave’s exact genetics are a little murky. What is known is that it’s a popular sativa-dominant hybrid. Nuleaf isn’t the only grower in town offering Tidal Wave.

Appearance 3/5
Each of the squat little nugs is a pale, dusty green. The color glints and shines under sunlight. In my plain apartment lighting, the bud looks dull. When I feel the flower in my fingers, it turns to dust. Dry weed isn’t the end of the world, but it needs a saving grace, a certain oomph to make you forget that you’re handling powdery bud.

Aroma 3/5
The smell doesn’t leap out of the bag. You have to drag the nugs under your nose before you can get a really good whiff. This might be an advantage. Sometimes, you’re not in the mood to stink the room up. For me, though, I need something with more bite. I love pungent cannabis.

Taste 3/5
If you forgot that weed is a plant, you’ll remember when you smoke Tidal Wave. The taste is reminiscent of gurgling mud and leaves. Ever chugged a wheatgrass shot? That’s what this is. As the flavor profile builds on the tongue, the weedy taste becomes more pronounced. It verges on being outright unappealing.

Effect 3/5
I’m picky. Tidal Wave is a prickly sativa that produces immediate effects. It’s an onslaught of happy, relaxed emotions. You don’t need to smoke much before you start feeling it. So, why does it only score three points? The high is too weak. It fades quickly, forcing you to keep smoking at a rapid clip.

Product price: $15 for 1



You have to start somewhere. Anyone can smoke Tidal Wave buds, even newbies. 21.3% THC isn’t enough to be intimidating anymore. Even average dispensary buds reach this amount these days. I found the high to have a really peppy energy. It’s a good smoke if you’re the go-get-em type.

It’s a forgettable gram. Nuleaf’s Tidal Wave will satisfy when you’re in the mood to get high, and not feeling too picky, but it’s not the type of flower I dream about. It didn’t help that I was smoking a bomb Nuleaf concentrate before I switched to Tidal Wave.

Address:430 E Twain Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89169
Phone number:(702) 297-5323
 10am to 8pm daily

Nuleaf is an interesting spot. The dispensary itself is tiny, yet the company operates one of the best grow operations in the city. In-store hours are limited because of COVID-19, but anyone 21 and over can order delivery. Just make sure it’s going to a private residence. Nevada law is real picky about it. Motels, hotels, businesses, none of these locations can legally receive weed deliveries.

Nuleaf partners with Dutchie for their online ordering system, but you won’t know this unless you make an account. The interface is integrated seamlessly into Nuleaf’s own website. The first thing I noticed was the prices. Either I forget how good Nuleaf is or they’ve seriously cut their prices. Half-gram concentrates, joints for $7. I never thought I’d see prices this low in Vegas, especially for delivery weed. Perhaps because I’ve ordered before, they skipped the usual confirmation call. I received a text when I submitted the order, when the driver was 20 minutes away, and when the driver arrived. Couldn’t be easier.

The best thing about Nuleaf is its menu. Some of the dankest flower that I’ve smoked was picked up at Nuleaf. It fell off my radar for a while because I moved. Now that delivery options are available, that doesn’t matter.

430 E Twain Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89169

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