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Cannabis Vapes
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Vaping is altering the way people get high. In the past few years, a barrage of pro-cannabis state laws have descended upon the U.S. Not only is cannabis legal across a large swath of the country, but buds are also growing more potent. You can find flower that tests at 30% THC or more, if you go to the right dispensary.

The Best Cannabis Vapes Currently Available In Las Vegas

If you want to get stoned, but traditional consumption methods aren’t appealing, you can try vaping. When you use a vape pen or cartridge, your lungs fill with vapor, rather than smoke. The vapor is nearly odorless and dissipates within a few seconds. You can smoke in public, and no one will be able to tell if your smoking cannabis or nicotine.

Interested in vaping? Check out this list of the best cannabis vapes in Las Vegas before you go to the dispensary.

Let's talk about vaping.

1. Bruce Banner 300mg Disposable by Cannabiotix

New smokers, remember this name: Cannabiotix. If you’re not ready to drop $50 or more on a solid cartridge, a skinny Cannabiotix disposable is exactly what you need. You can pick up a 300mg vape pen at Top Notch for $24, tax included.

The gooey, sticky oil is created from dozens of different strains. Heavy hitters like Bruce Banner, Wedding Cake, and WiFi dominate the menu. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but if you’re only going to purchase one pen, you can’t go wrong with Bruce Banner. Start at the top of the alphabet and work your way down.

Where to find it: Top Notch THC

2. Skywalker 1g Cartridge by Rove

Rove’s one-gram cartridges aren’t cheap. At Planet 13, they’re sold for $99. The hefty price tag promises quality, and for many stoners, the cartridge delivers. They have indica and sativa options abound, but the Skywalker oil is our choice. Here’s why: Skywalker is a drowsy indica born from a cross between Blueberry and Mazar. When it’s concentrated in oil form, it’s almost like a sedative. Take a hit when you need to get some sleep, and you’ll be good to go.

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Where to find it: Planet 13

3. Strawberry Field 0.5g Disposable by MedMen

Visit MedMen’s sleek, sophisticated storefront to pick up their unique line of disposable vape pens and vape cartridges. Strawberry Fields is a classic strain. The sweet, tangy flavor is perfect for people who want to indulge in cannabis, but aren’t interested in the traditional, grassy taste. Disposable vape pens are popular with tourists. You don’t need to worry about charging a battery or keeping track of a second piece. MedMen’s disposable 0.5g vape pens sell for $52.

Where to find it: MedMen

4. Khalifa Kush 0.5g Cartridge by Tryke

Khalifa Kush is a familiar name to a lot of cannabis enthusiasts. That’s because it’s the signature brand of high-profile rapper and entrepreneur, Wiz Khalifa. It’s Reef Dispensary’s signature line; everything slapped with the Khalifa Kush logo is more expensive. Is the premium cost worth it? For many consumers, the answer is: yes. Grab it quickly whenever you see it on the menu because it’s liable to run out. According to Reef, a new batch of Khalifa Kush, or KK as it’s sometimes called, often sells out within a day. A single 0.5g cartridge costs $48.

Where to find it: Reef

5. A-Dub 0.5g Distillate Vape Tank by Shango

6. Head Cheese 0.5g Cartridge by Polaris

Cheese never sounded so good. Head Cheese is one of the most potent strains on the market right now. When the buds are concentrated into an oil, the effect is phenomenal. You can be deliriously high, feeling as though all of your worries have dissolved. The concentrate-making process is brutal on terpenes, so the pungent musk associated with Head Cheese flower is missing from the vapor. However, the effect is much stronger. For $45, you can experiment with the oil yourself.

Where to find it: The Source

7. Vegas M Stick 0.5g Disposable by Acapulco Gold

You’re in Vegas, why not grab some Vegas-related gear? The Vegas M Stick is a thin, discreet, disposable vape pen. City law prohibits people from smoking cannabis wherever they want. Tourists who wish to indulge need to find a local friend willing to help them out, or visit the sole smoking lounge in the city. You can skirt these rules with a discreet vape pen. The M Stick is a particularly good choice for new smokers. It averages 55% THC, a hefty amount, but significantly less than other vape pens on this list. Blum sells the M Stick for $34.99.

Where to find it: Blum

8. Mango 0.5g 1:1 Cartridge by Stillzy

CBD lovers will enjoy this one. The oil has an equal amount of THC and CBD. THC gets you high, while CBD is associated with a wealth of different health benefits. Because the THC content only hits 39%, high-tolerance stoners can smoke the Mango cartridge without becoming completely intoxicated. Medical patients sometimes need 24-hour relief. They want to smoke something that will relieve their pain, without making it difficult to perform normal tasks. Stop by Jardin to pick up the cartridge for $45.

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Where to find it: Jardin

9. Pain Distillate 0.5g Cartridge by City Trees

The pain blend is designed to help your body. It’s infused with terpenes thought to fight stress and inflammation. It’s the perfect mixture for medical patients, as well as recreational smokers. You might experience a deep, blissful body high. Oasis sells the cartridge for $42.

Where to find it: Oasis

10. Sleep 0.5g CBD Disposable by Canna Hemp

A growing number of cannabis consumers have no interest in getting high. They want to experience the benefits linked to the plant, without becoming intoxicated. Canna Hemp’s CBD disposable satisfies those needs. It costs $44 at Sahara Wellness.

Where to find it: Sahara Wellness

Now that you know what to look for, take a look at our dispensary reviews.

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