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Triple G

Strain: Triple G

Producer: NuLeaf

Contributor: Sierra Roberts

Triple G
Triple G Label


Deep earthy undertones 80%
Between lime and lemon 80%
Helped my shoulder pain 100%
Darker 80%


Ad description 0%
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Triple G. Hybrid (Indica-Dominant) 28.26 % THC

I acquired this strain during the week when I went to visit my parents. They happen to live near the area where the NuLeaf Dispensary is located and as partakers in Cannabis themselves, they recommended it to me to check out. Though, they did also mention that the prices are a bit inflated, but this is due to the convenience of it being located right near the Las Vegas Strip, so that's more understandable.

Aroma 4/5
I really enjoyed the smell of the strain Triple G, it had a fruity quality that was pleasant, but also had some refreshing deep earthy undertones when taking in a deep smell.

Taste 4/5
The taste of Triple G automatically hit me with a flavor somewhere between lime and lemon. Not sour enough to be a lemon and not zingy enough to be all lime, but it indeed was very tasty. This strain also has a bit of a sweeter fruit taste that hits after the citrus as you exhale that reminds me more of a subtle sweet berry. Together the tastes of the citrus and berry makes for a pleasant smoking experience.

Feel 5/5
I personally enjoyed this strain a lot because it helped my shoulder pain while using it.  Many years ago, I had an accident where my shoulder never healed properly. I usually experience pain all throughout the day, but its most prominently at the time of waking up and going to sleep. After a few minutes of smoking Triple G, I found it easy to relax and move around without the nagging discomfort of my shoulder. My parents also struggle with pain and stress in their own ways and both mentioned that it helped as well. It can make you talkative as many negative thoughts seemed to be washed away. My stepfather continuously told me stories and even said, “This bud is Wowie Zowie!” and it gave me a good laugh. Triple G is prime for just hanging out, relaxing from pains and letting go of the built-up stress.

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Appearance 4/5
Triple G is a darker nug with some pretty purple qualities to it. The buds are dusted over with trichomes like mini little dew drops covering the entire surface. The Pistils are a darker orange, almost brown, that blend in nicely with the other deep colors of the bud.

All in all, I would say NuLeaf is a decent dispensary. They do carry high THC content cannabis and that is always a plus if that is what you are looking for. Prices at NuLeaf are, unfortunately, a bit steep compared to other dispensaries around the Las Vegas area. I would recommend it to people for convenience of location if you or someone you know is staying near The Strip. I am happy to have tried the strain Triple G, as it will be a product that I seek out in the future to help with my shoulder aches.

430 E Twain Avenue
Las Vegas, NV 89169
Phone number: (702) 297-5323
Hours: 9AM–1AM

The first thing that I noticed was the lack of parking for the shop. They have a very small parking lot and there aren't many options in the area nearby besides some living complexes and a 7-Eleven. Next, I noticed that the building seemed newly painted in a light grey and had green lights that nicely illuminated the store front and made it easily visible and recognizable.

Inside of NuLeaf, you are greeted by the security behind the counter where they can also help you with signing up for a points card after you make your first purchase.

When walking into the store area my eyes first caught the two chartreuse retro fridges in the center back that I immediately loved and wanted. I was later told by our budtender that it held cola, juice, and other flavors of Elixirs, and that sometimes they even have coffee, but it sells quickly.

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There are two main counters in NuLeaf made of an appealing dark wood, and as most dispensaries they have glass panels built in that help easily display the products they currently have in stock.  They also have many television screens above the counters that show their deals and current selections ensuring it doesn’t get too congested in the display areas when multiple people are searching.

Our budtender was super friendly, and she was able to help well us with her knowledge of their product. We were in search of the best gram they currently had for a reasonable price. She mentioned the Triple G strain as it is an indica-dominant hybrid that had 28.26% THC. We were quickly sold and happy with our new purchase and then made our way back to my parents place to try it.

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