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Tropic Lightning

Strain: Tropic Lightning

Producer: Kiff

Contributor: C. Imani Williams

Blackjack Collective - Tropic Lightning - Hybrid
Blackjack Collective - Tropic Lightning - Hybrid
Blackjack Collective - Tropic Lightning - Hybrid


Grape-sized 100%
Pepper and spicy 80%
Sleepy feeling 100%


Ad description 0%
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Tropic Lightning
THC: 11.84% CBD: 0 CBN: 0
B - Myrcene 10.46 mg, Limonene 1.84 mg

Tasty Tropic Lightning hits hard despite the THC testing at only 11.84%. The fire must come from the help of 10.46 mg of Myrcene that works to make you feel relaxed and sleepy. Myrcene with its pain-relieving attributes, does the trick for me at that content level. Myrcene mixed with its cousin Limonene, which combats insomnia and anxiety, work together like magic. Tropic Lightning is a hybrid that hits hard on the indica side. Since Tropic Lightning eighths were on sale for $15, it made this batch a special treat.

Appearance: 5/5
Tropic Lightning nugs are grape-sized and with variations of mid to dark green.

Aroma: 4/5
This is a pungent strain, spicy in fact. Peppery and spicy nuts come to mind. The flavor is spicy too.

Effect: 5/5
Eat something prior to consumption. It will help squash the munchies that come with Tropic Lightning. On that note, I was still contemplating snacks after smoking. For that reason, I have made a concerted effort to have healthier options on hand. I go for nuts, fruit, and if I must have something sweet, graham crackers or ginger snaps. I still crave chocolate, but I really try and not fill up on empty calories. Within 30 minutes my body started to relax, with the tightness in my back disappearing into the background. Soon after, a sleepy feeling blankets the user, so I would recommend using this strain in the evening and after a hot bath. This product should help get users to a nice relaxing state.

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Tropic Lightning helps with fatigue, body pain, muscle spasms, insomnia and depression. This strain may Cause side effects such as: anxiety, dry mouth, dry eyes, and dizziness.

Stop by Blackjack Collective and check out the offerings. You are sure to leave with something that will bring you back for a second visit. Grab a dose of Tropic Lightning if you are in the mood for a heavy hitting hybrid strain.

1736 Las Vegas Blvd
Las Vegas, 89104
Phone number: 702 - 727- 3187
Hours: 9AM-3AM

A new Las Vegas Strip dispensary option is just a two-minute walk from the Stratosphere and ten minutes from the Sahara. Open daily from 9AM-3AM, Blackjack Collective is here to serve the community. They carry a wide range of products. I am interested in checking out quite a few of their strains. I experienced a short five-minute wait in their comfortable waiting room after gaining entry through the vestibule where I showed identification and received a number.

Once inside the store area, I was immediately greeted by a friendly budtender who asked what I was interested in. I have been craving cherry sativas, they were out. My budtender was up on the daily deals. Apparently, I had just missed an $11/gram cherry strain special. I learned that a $15 ⅛ special was currently running on Tropic Lightning. Well, yay! I purchased an ⅛.

The layout in Blackjack is clean and crisp. With lots of lighting to spotlight flowers. They also carry a nice selection of carts and edibles. Blackjack has a professional and knowledge staff, short wait time, and good deals. I live for great deals, and this was one of those times. I hadn’t seen an eighth for $15 since April 20th.

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Guests will find plenty of parking in the lot, but it’s easy to pass right by due to the mid-block strip location. Look for the Denny’s and Taco signs. Blackjack’s signage could be bigger. If you are coming through at night, they do have a huge multi-colored neon statue that blinks. That’s a better landmark.

Blackjack sends out text deals. In addition, Sundays are industry day and cannabis industry members get 10% off. Same for locals on Tuesdays. Sign up for the text deals, so that you save more often. You can always earn points towards future discounts on purchases.

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