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Ultimate Indica

Strain: Ultimate Indica

Producer: Flora Vega

Contributor: Jeremy “Bearded Guy” Johnson



Very pretty and still nice and sticky 80%
Scent is slightly sweet 80%
Evergreen flavor is refreshing 80%
Body high from this strain is awesome 100%
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Ultimate Indica was originally created by Spice of Life Seeds, It is also called Legends Ultimate Indica. This is a straight-up indica strain that gives the user an all-body high. Ultimate Indica is a great pain reliever, and it helps with anxiety. It gives the user the ultimate body high.

Appearance 4/5
The Ultimate Indica buds are a very deep shade of green. Each bud is oddly shaped. This strain has a lot of orange hairs all over each bud. They are thick and bright orange. Each hair glows in the light, The trichomes look like a coat of sugar powdered over each bud. The buds look good enough to eat. They are very pretty and still nice and sticky. These buds are absolutely gorgeous.

Aroma 4/5
The aroma of the Ultimate Indica is very similar to sandalwood or sawdust. It has cedar undertones. It is an earthy aroma that is very inviting. The scent reminds me of evergreen trees that are being cut by a sawmill. I like that the scent is slightly sweet. The sweetness smells like evergreen mint candies. It is a well-rounded full aroma. The aroma is stronger than a lot of the other strains I gave had In Las Vegas.

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Taste 4/5
The flavor is the same as the scent. I pick up earth and evergreen. The evergreen flavor is refreshing. It wakes me up. It has a tiny bit of spiciness and a lot of sweetness to it. The flavor is like sweet sandalwood mixed with evergreen and earth. The flavor is very complex. It slightly burns my throat, but it's more of a tingle than burning. It tingles like the flavor of mints.

Effect 5/5
The body high from this strain is awesome. It's a nice warm body buzz. My neck muscles feel like jelly, and so do my legs. I just want to drift into a nice warm sleep. I noticed some inflammation in my shoulder early in the day. After smoking a bowl of Ultimate Indica that inflammation is gone, and my shoulder stopped hurting. I felt an extreme case of couch-lock with this strain.

Product price: $14 for 1G

I would recommend this strain for use to relieve pain and tension. Ultimate Indica has some great pain-relieving properties because it has more CBD than most strains. CBD helps with many ailments, and inflammation can be alleviated by it.

Ultimate Indica is most definitely a nighttime strain. It made me want to lay on my couch and never get up. This strain will help with a lot of different things, but motivation isn't one of them. This is one of the most demotivating strains I have ever had, It was just what I needed.

1112 S. Commerce St.
Las Vegas, NV 89102
Phone number: 702-776-4144
Hours: Open 24 hours 

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Inyo Cannabis Dispensary. It was the middle of the day when I visited Inyo. I like that their staff is very attentive to each customer that comes in. They really know how to make people feel welcome. The store is as clean as a whistle. The security guard is very nice. He gave me a bottle of water and told me they would get me in as quickly as possible. The store showroom is very futuristic. Everything is brightly lit and very sleek. They don't have a bunch of displays cluttering up the store. My budtender was very helpful. I asked a few questions about the terpene profile of the Ultimate Indica. He told me it is a very heavy indica. He explained that this is a strain that should be used at night because it can make the user very drowsy. He showed me a couple other strains and then showed me a few different kinds of concentrates. He seemed like he really enjoys his job. He told me he used to sell weed in the streets back in the day. We had a nice conversation about how much the world has changed. Especially pertaining to marijuana. I ended up getting the Ultimate Indica.

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