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Vegas Nights

Strain: Vegas Nights by Mother Herb

Producer: Mother Herb

Contributor: Sabrina Lowe

Mother Herb Vegas Nights LasVegas ReLeaf
Mother Herb Vegas Nights
Vegas Nights Packaging


Large and fluffy with a nice sparkly 80%
It smells so fresh and clean 100%
Like a breath of fresh air 100%
Calming yet cerebral 80%
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Vegas Nights is a well-balanced hybrid perfect for a summer night in Vegas taking in the gorgeous West Coast sunsets. The combination of relaxation-inducing terpenes makes for a high that is subtle yet fun.

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Appearance 4/5
Vegas Nights isn’t much to look at as a whole bud. They are large and fluffy with a nice sparkly coat of trichomes. Dark orange and brown stigma pop out against the overall dark green buds. Once ground, Vegas Nights has a little more color variation. Dark, medium and light greens are dotted throughout like confetti.

Aroma 5/5
This strain is like a walk in the park. It smells so fresh and clean that one is instantly transported to a favorite hiking destination. It is slightly grassy and citrusy adding to the freshness. There is a skunky after note that rounds out the aroma.

Taste 5/5
Vegas Nights is smooth. Each puff is like a breath of fresh air. The citrus and skunky smells are present in the taste as in the aroma. The skunky flavor does not take away from the freshness, rather, it complements the other notes beautifully. This is a very easy smoking strain.

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Effect 4/5
This strain makes one sink into a slight daze. Vegas Nights is calming yet cerebral. Thoughts flow easily as the body melts slowly. Pain relief begins to set in as one continues to smoke. The overall high is almost trance-like without being too sleepy.

Vegas Nights is great for taking in the scenery. Rolling up a nice joint or packing a healthy bowl of this strain will enhance the beauty of these entrancing Vegas nights.  This easy, breezy strain helps one to slow down and appreciate the beauty of the world. Excellent for beginners since it is slow acting. Experienced users may need a few more hits than usual to feel it.

Las Vegas ReLeaf is bridging the gap between those that enjoy alcohol and those that enjoy cannabis. For those that are beer enthusiasts but won’t give cannabis a try, have them try Las Vegas ReLeaf’s exclusive Two Roots “CannaBiers” to show them that there is a consumption method for everyone. Vegas Nights is the strain that reminds one to slow down and just breathe. I give this strain a 4/5 because it is such a great escape. Check out Las Vegas ReLeaf at the heart of all the hustle and bustle for Mother Herb’s Vegas Nights and take a mini-vacation as I did. 

2244 Paradise Rd
Las Vegas, NV 89104
Phone number: (702) 209-2400
Hours: 9AM-12AM Everyday 

I visited Las Vegas ReLeaf because of its proximity to The Strip. I was curious to see what a dispensary just across the street from the Sahara would be like. Since it is in an older area of town, one wouldn’t think to expect much out of this dispensary. Las Vegas ReLeaf does not reflect its surroundings at all. It is an oasis.

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Upon entering, I still did not think much of the place. I was buzzed in and crammed in a dark, dingy hall with a group of other people. We were ushered through another door we had to get buzzed into and I started to feel a little claustrophobic. Just as I thought I made a mistake, Las Vegas ReLeaf won me over. The bright chairs and couches enhanced by gorgeous lighting and soothing artwork all work together to contrast the initial impression of the entrance. Since there weren’t many people, I did not get to take in all of what the waiting room had to offer, but I did try the “CannaBiers”.

Yes, that is correct. They have a craft beer tasting station with samples of their own brand Two Roots. It is super tasty and rings true to a genuine craft beer. They are non-alcoholic which means all the taste of a good beer without a nasty hangover. Everyone that was working there was super enthusiastic about Two Roots and provided great information on the brand. They also have a cannabis-infused tea that is a top seller, which makes it hard to find. It is exciting to see how brands are working to change the stigma surrounding marijuana use with innovative ideas and products.

I finally made my way to the budtender and asked to take a whiff of each strain I selected. He was able to tell me a little bit about each strain as I took in the aroma and magnified the view of each bud. His knowledge of each was thorough and concise.

Las Vegas ReLeaf is not just for the tourists. To know that there is a dispensary that has combined the fine art of crafting edibles with high-quality craft beer makes me a proud local.

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