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Velvet Cake Motivator

Strain: Velvet Cake Motivator

Producer: Cannavative

Contributor: Asia Mayfield



Good weed is good weed, shake or not 80%
Create this intriguing aroma 100%
Tastes more like charred grass 60%
Feel muscles relax. very long to feel an effect 100%
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Cannavative’s Velvet Cake Motivator Infused pre-roll is a combination of 0.8g of high-quality flower and 0.2g of honeycomb concentrate. It tests at 43% THC. The terpene profile is unremarkable, but that’s not unusual with concentrates. The extraction process is rough on terpenes.

Appearance 4/5
Inside the thin sheet of wrapping paper is a ground-up pile of green weed, mixed with tiny golden clumps of concentrate. It’s reassuring to actually see the concentrate, to be honest. Trust me, you don’t have to take the manufacturer’s word for how much they included. I have no idea if whole nugs or trim were used to create this pre-roll, but if I had to guess, I would say it looks like trim. It doesn’t matter, though. Good weed is good weed, shake or not.

Aroma 5/5
The smell is like a dirty diaper, obvious the second you get near it. I didn’t even have to pop open the black “doob tube” in order to get a whiff. My room stank like weed immediately. I’m a stoner, so the aroma was more than comfortable. It smelled like a slice of cake smeared into a metal plate. Sweet and metallic tastes combined to create this intriguing aroma.

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Taste 3/5
It’s not perfect. The taste was so heavy, I collapsed into a coughing fit after taking a drag from the joint. I’m a pro, so this rarely happens. When it does, it usually means something is off with the smoke. The aroma led me to expect a dessert-like flavor. Instead, the smoke tastes more like charred grass. A subtle nutty flavor is barely detectable, as well.

Effect 5/5
You don’t need to wait very long to feel an effect. The high isn’t a creeper; you can feel your muscles relax before the smoke from your first hit leaves your body. The flower is a hybrid strain, but combined with honeycomb concentrate, it affects me like an indica. This is what you want to smoke before you head to the airport to catch a long flight, no doubt about it.

Product price: 1g pre-roll ($25)

I’m not going to say that inexperienced smokers should stay away from Velvet Cake. I will, however, say that they should try to avoid power smoking. Multiple huge gulps of smoke in your lungs can leave you feeling as though your mind is rocketing through space, if you’re not familiar with the sensation.

Cannavative’s Velvet Cake Motivator pre-roll is one of the bet infused joints that you can pick up in Vegas. Every puff will eradicate your worries, and bring you deeper and deeper into a land of stoner bliss. If you’re not a heavy smoker, you can make the joint last a long time.

4850 W Sunset Rd #130
Las Vegas, NV 89118, USA
Phone number: (702) 827-4979
Hours: 8 a.m. - 12 a.m. Sunday through Wednesday, 8 a.m. - 1 a.m. Thursday through Saturday 

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Planet 13. I almost feel like I don’t need to say anything about Planet 13. Their presence is hard to ignore. If you’re in Vegas, you’ve seen their ads, or driven by their megastore. Planet 13 is clearly primed to become a raging smoking spot, once they’re allowed to open a lounge. In the meantime, they have a 24-hour coffee shop and pizza place to fill that void.

The food isn’t cheap here, though, but I was tempted anyway. The intoxicating smell of melting cheese and bubbling hot marinara sauce wafted into the main dispensary, and I was won over instantly.

Planet 13 seems expensive at first, but that’s all an illusion.

Local customers receive 20% off every order, and they have happy hour deals almost every single day. When I went, they were offering $48 quarters and $200 mix-and-match ounces. This means that you could pick any combination of strains to reach an ounce, and get it for that amount of money. It’s an amazing deal when you see that an ounce of full-price, top-tier strains sell for $380.

The dispensary space here is huge. There are display cases scattered all over the room. You can figure out what you want yourself, and head over to the Express checkout, or you can request help from a budtender.

At this point, I head straight to express line, but I can see the appeal of using a personal budtender on occasion.

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