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Watermelon Gummies 100mg

Strain: Watermelon Gummies 100mg

Producer: Evergreen Organix

Contributor: Akil Evans



Ttrichomes coat dank weed, sugar crystals 100%
Refreshing fruity aroma 100%
Watermelon flavor 80%
Bit sleepy after enjoying these delicious gummies 100%
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Watermelon Gummies 10 pack- 100 mg
Serving Size: 1 Gummy
10.175 mg THC/serving
10 servings per container
101.75 mg THC/container
.631 mg CBD/serving
6.31 mg CBD/container

Evergreen Organix has been producing cannabis products in Nevada since 2015. I respect the brand’s consistency, flavors, and involvement with the community. The gourmet chefs of Evergreen Organix utilize a fruit paste in their gummy making process before hand-cutting the squares and applying sugar. Carbon dioxide is used to extract the cannabis oil found in the Watermelon Gummies.

Appearance 5/5
The white plastic cylinder holding the ten Evergreen Organix Watermelon Gummies is wrapped in a pink and green watermelon themed label. It’s not easily accessible to children because I have to squeeze both sides below the cap to see the ashen pink jiggly candies. The cuboid gummies have a square base and top with a THC warning molded on the surface. Just as trichomes coat dank weed, sugar crystals cover each side of the gummy.

Aroma 5/5
I shake up my tube and pop the cap once again to sniff the candy aroma from Evergreen Organix Watermelon Gummies. The sweet melon tones my nose detects reminds me of watermelon-flavored Jolly Ranchers. The smell is slightly sour in the beginning but finishes with a refreshing fruity aroma without any cannabis scents recognized. The sugary perfume from these soft candies makes my mouth water in anticipation of the taste. As a result, I ate some before I was ready to take notes.

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Taste 4/5
I pull out a wiggly pink square and place it on my tongue. This treats my tongue to pure sugar and a grainy texture from the generous portion of sucrose on the gummy. The texture of the gummy itself is irresistibly smooth and reminds me of a soggy marshmallow in my mouth. As the sweet white crystals melt away, the watermelon flavor becomes more prominent. When I bit the gummy, it feels just like gelatin. No matter how much I manipulate the candy with my tongue, I do not taste any cannabis.

Effect 5/5
The effect of these gummies varies depending on the number of gummies I consume per session. When I eat two gummies equal to 20mg of THC I experience very mild effects, including a more joyful mood and some physical euphoria. After eating 20mg of gummies, I waited about an hour before I felt the effects. The next time I decided to enjoy the Evergreen Organix Watermelon Gummies, I ate eight gummies and enjoyed a deeper high that seemed to last the entire day. I was giggling, eating, and enjoying mundane tasks like ever before. Ultimately, I felt a bit sleepy after enjoying these delicious gummies.

Product price: $19.00

Evergreen Organix Watermelon Gummies are so dank! Gummies are my number one favorite candy, and to enjoy it infused with cannabis is simply a dream come true. Even if these gummies were not cannabis-infused, I would adore them because of their soft jelly texture and bursts of fruity flavors. Evergreen Organix has been killing it since Nevada was medical-use only and will continue to provide the dank in 2020 and beyond.

2307 S. las Vegas Blvd,
NV 89104
Phone number: 702-978-7591
Hours: 10AM-3AM 7 Days a Week  

Essence Cannabis Dispensary. I always enjoy my evening visits to the Essence Cannabis Dispensary on the Las Vegas Strip. The dispensary’s glowing green neon lights fit perfectly into the mosaic of marvelous sparkling casinos and landmarks of Las Vegas. I feel my excitement rise as I approach the entrance and buzz the door. On this visit, only one other guest was in front of me. The receptionist was patient and kind. After checking me in, she informed me that I have about 200 loyalty points saved.

I entered the retail space and quickly realized it was busier than I first presumed. There were at least eight budtenders working, and all of them were preoccupied with helping other guests. I glanced around the room, but I did not see Zulema. Zulema is the budtender that helped me on my first visit to Essence. In addition, during the 2018 Las Vegas Budtender Awards Zulema earned the CBD award! When I was the first place in the line, I heard my name spoken by a familiar voice. Zulema came over to greet me, and I was thrilled to see her.

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I was beckoned by Trent when my conversation with Zulema was completed. Trent I and chopped it up for a bit, and after he realized I had experience at the dispensary, he was ready to take my order. I requested the 10 pack of Watermelon 100mg gummies produced by Evergreen Organix. I asked Trent about his experience with Evergreen Organix gummies, and he revealed that he can not eat too many in one sitting without having a stomach ache. I purchased this watermelon-flavored 100mg edible 10 pack for $19.00 because of Essence Cannabis Dispensary’s relationship with Evergreen Organix.

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