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Weed Brothers OG

Strain: Weed Brothers OG

Producer: NLVO

Contributor: Erik Sinica



Buds were perfectly cured and trimmed 80%
smells like gasoline and lemons 80%
Tastes like coffee and dark chocolate 100%
Energy boost without the drowsiness 80%
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Weed Brothers OG is an indica-dominant hybrid. It was created by Weed Brothers, and it has become one of their signature strains. Weed Brothers crossed Cherry Pie with OG Kush to create Weed Brothers OG. This strain is known for making the user calm and energetic at the same time.

Appearance 4/5
The medium-sized Weed Brother buds are dark green, and they have a yellowish tint to them. Each bud is about the size of a quarter, and they are very compact. The black and gold packing box has the NLVO logo in the front. Inside the box, there is a glass jar with the Weed Brother OG in it and a Boveda pack to keep the weed fresh, These buds were perfectly cured and trimmed.

Aroma 4/5
The Weed Bros OG has an excellent aroma. It smells like gasoline and lemons mixed together. Ther fuel like aroma has a very pungent scent. This is the exact scent I look for in OG strains. The aroma tickles the inside of my nose. The scent lingers for a very long time. The best way to describe it would be to say it smells like someone took a bowl of lemons and poured gasoline and fresh soil on top of them.

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Taste 5/5
I really enjoy the flavor of Weed Brothers OG. It has the OG Kush taste that I always look for. It tastes like coffee and dark chocolate with a lemony aftertaste. The smoke is very heavy. It's easy on my throat and doesn't burn at all. The lemon aftertaste is similar to lemonade with a hint of garlic. When I exhale through my nose, I get the full lemon flavor. It's slightly sweet and earthy all at once.

Effect 4/5
The high from Weed Brothers OG is relaxing. I went to Fremont Street after smoking a joint. It gave me an energy boost without the drowsiness. The energy boost was nice because I felt energized, not anxious. My eyes felt a bit heavy, but not to the point I was falling asleep. Weed Brothers OG made me quite talkative, so it was great for a social outing.

Product price: $15 for 1G

Weed Brothers OG by NLVO is a strain I would suggest using before a night out. The energy boost from it will make the user more talkative, It will make socializing much easier, and won't make the user too anxious. Users that like earthy flavored OG strains should try Weed Brothers OG.

Weed Brothers OG is a great hybrid strain. I liked the aroma and taste a lot. The effect was nice, but it did seem to wear off quickly, but that may have been because I was out walking around Fremont Street. This strain would be great to smoke before visiting a museum or really any social outing.

3400 Western Ave,
Las Vegas, NV 89101
Phone number: 725-333-7404
Hours: 10am to 12am Daily 

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