White Diablo infused pre-roll

Strain: White Diablo infused pre-roll

Producer: NitroStix

Contributor: Asia Mayfield



Diablo pre-roll is near perfect 100%
Smells absolutely divine 100%
Weedy flavor 60%
It didn’t live up to the hype 60%
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  • Nevada Wellness Center Dispensary

I’m a sucker for infused pre-rolls. The White Diablo infused pre-roll by NitroStix doesn’t have the most impressive stats, however. It barely hits 35% THC. But, just hearing its description, like “dipped in resin” or “rolled in kief,” is enough to make me whip out my wallet.

Yes please, I’ll take one.

Appearance 5/5
Appearance-wise, the White Diablo pre-roll is near perfect. The stubby brown joints glisten with oil and kief. Tear open the rolling paper, and you’ll be confronted with pearly green weed, ground up to perfection.

Aroma 5/5
This pre-roll smells absolutely divine. That’s why it’s so bizarre that the experience is ultimately lackluster. The joint looks and smells like something truly special. If you have a discerning sense of smell, you might be able to tease out subtle citrusy notes here and there.

Taste 3/5
There isn’t much flavor, to be honest. When you take a drag, a ton of smoke is produced. It’s heavy and thick. So, expect a coughing fit, if you’re not an experienced stoner. An earthy, weedy flavor develops more intensely with each puff. The fruity twang noticeable in the aroma disappears. Leaving you with a lingering aftertaste hanging over your tongue.

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Effect 3/5
You’ll get stoned, sure. But it won’t be a memorable experience. Smoking this “infused” joint didn’t feel much different than smoking a regular one, to be honest. It didn’t live up to the hype, in my opinion. What a shame.

Product Price: 1.7g pre-roll ($17.78)

Infused pre-rolls appeal to sophisticated smokers. You want to get stoned, but a typical joint won’t cut it. So, you opt for the more potent version. But, sadly, this just never got to where it was promising to go.

I don’t know if White Diablo is worth it for medical patients, either. Whatever effect you’re hoping for, there are probably better (and cheaper) ways to get it.

Honestly, you can skip this one. The White Diablo infused pre-roll by NitroStix is a bit of a letdown. The name encourages you to expect something spectacular. Instead, you’re presented with mediocre weed. You may as well have bought something else. Chances are, you’d be a lot better off.

Address: 3200 S Valley View Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89102
Phone number:(702) 470-2077

I’ve never been to Nevada Wellness Center. Somehow, in the past two years of legal weed in Vegas, I’ve driven past this dispensary dozens of times, and never stopped inside. The building retains its corporate aesthetic. Nothing but a small digital billboard announces that weed is sold here.

If you’re the type of smoker who likes to look up what you’re going to buy before you head to the store, you’ll need to visit the Nevada Wellness Center website.

Immediately upon entry, you hand your ID to the security guard. Assuming everything is in order, you’re let into the store. Instead of forcing you to stand around aimlessly in a lobby, you can browse the dispensary at your own leisure. When you know what you want, simply get in line.

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Although bits of the inventory are on display, it’s impossible to get a good feel for the menu, as a whole. It would be easier if there were a printed (or digital) menu to scan before speaking with a budtender.

After waiting in line for a bit, you’re eventually called to checkout. Since there is no printed menu to browse, you might need to have a conversation with your budtender, in order to figure out what you want. The Nevada Wellness Center website took ages to load on my phone, so an in-person consultation may be the best route for this.

You only see one person during the whole transaction. Your budtender does everything on their own. I actually prefer this business model. However, this system puts a lot of pressure on the person you’re interacting with. If they’re out of sorts, your experience is going to be unpleasant.

My budtender was awesome, though. Friendly, knowledgeable, and she seemed like someone who I would actually want to smoke with.

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