Wild Cherry Punch

Strain: Wild Cherry Punch

Producer: Tahoe Hydro Co

Contributor: Bridgett Beau Johnson



Plant material like green baby powder 60%
Smell like cherry 80%
Tastes like berries and cherries 80%
Boosted your mood 80%


Ad description 0%
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Wild Cherry Punch is a sativa-dominant hybrid. It was created by crossing Cherry Thunderf*ck with Trainwreck. Wild Cherry Punch has a very sweet cherry aroma and sent. It is known for being a very strong sativa-dominant hybrid. Wild Cherry Punch is a strain that helps the body and mind relax.

Appearance 3/5
The preroll is packaged in a normal preroll tube. The packaging is white with the Tahoe Hydro Company logo on it. The inside ground-up plant material like green baby powder. The material is a light shade of green. There are a lot of trichomes mixed in with the plant material. There is a large amount of kief at the bottom of the pile. The preroll is rolled just right. It burned perfectly.

Aroma 4/5
The scent of the Wild Cherry Punch flower is very sweet. It smells like a bowl of fresh cherries that have been mixed with sugar and cannabis. The flower smells like cherry blossoms in the springtime. The scent permeates my entire house. I can smell this flower in every room of my house. This is one of the sweetest strains I have ever smelled. It smells like cherry candy. The scent is similar to cherry Skittles.

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Taste 4/5
Wild Cherry Punch tastes like berries and cherries. The sweet flavor is very powerful. The flavor reminds me of strawberry wine. It has a sweet flavor that has a slightly bitter aftertaste. The smoke is very smooth on my throat. I don't notice any burning sensation. That tells me this plane was flushed perfectly. The after taste is bitter, but it isn't unpleasant.

Effect 4/5
Wild Cherry Punch is an extremely calming strain. The body buzz helped me destress after a long day of hustling. I liked that this strain boosted my mood. I was really fatigued at the end of the day, and this strain helped me to relax. The head high was just what I needed to help me get my end of the day chores done. I was relaxed but not falling asleep standing up.

Product price: $12 for 1G Preroll

I would recommend using Wild Cherry Punch in the morning or in the middle of the day. This is a nice uplifting strain that helps boost morale. The uplifting head high is a force to be reckoned with. It is great for users feeling the fatigue of the day.
I really like the environment at The Dispensary. The deals are great, and they have a great selection of products. The customer service is some of the best in Las Vegas. I enjoyed the buzz from Wild Cherry Punch. It helped boost my mood and gave me a nice energetic head high that was exactly what I was looking for.

Address: 5347 S Decatur Blvd, Suite 100, Las Vegas, NV 89118
Phone number: 702-827-4981
Monday: 9am – Midnight
Tuesday : 9am – Midnight
Wednesday : 9am – Midnight
Thursday :9am – 1am
Friday : 9am – 1am
Saturday: 9am – 1am
Sunday: 9am – Midnight

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This is my first visit to The Dispensary. The parking lot is crowded with cannabis customers. I walk into the store, and I get a warm hello from the front desk staff. The front lobby is tiny, but luckily I am not in there very long because I am claustrophobic. The person behind the window tells me I should sign up for their rewards program. After signing up, he buzzes me into the showroom. The showroom is quite big. The budtenders are all quickly helping people get the products they want to buy. After about five minutes of waiting, I am called up to the desk. The budtender explains all of the promotions of the day. He tells me that if I spend certain dollar amounts, I get to spin a wheel for prizes. I like that they reward their customers for spending money. That is how dispensaries are supposed to be. He tells me about a few different edibles that are on special, and he shows me the flowers that are on special. After browsing for about 10 minutes, I make my selections. I end up getting the Wild Cherry Punch 1G preroll by Tahoe Hydro Co. The name sold me on the strain.

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