Yocan Coils: Are They Worth It?

Contributor: Bridgett Beau Johnson

One of the first considerations consumers make when buying vaporizers are the coils. Coils are arguably one of the most important parts of a vaporizer and one brand has been making quite the buzz with the selection of the atomizers they offer. Today, we’ll talk about Yocan, Yocan coils, and if they’re worth it. So, if you’ve been using one or if you’re planning to switch to the Yocan brand, you’re in the right place. But first, let’s talk about what coils are and why they are so important.

Yocan Regen

Coils, atomizers, or heating elements, they go by many names. Nevertheless, their purpose stays the same, to heat your select materials and extract the active ingredients from it. Furthermore, coils are partly responsible for maintaining temperature that your botanicals or wax concentrates are heated past or below the point of combustion. On that note, your coils are constantly exposed to varying levels of heat as well as the perpetual cycles of cooling and heating which weakens the coils to the point of breaking. That said, it’s normal for coils to break and to be replaced. How fast and how long it takes for them to do so is another matter.

Coils are arguably one of the very few parts of your vaporizer that comes into direct contact with your materials. This also contributes to the weakening of the integrity of the coils. The same way it’s constantly exposed to the incessant cycles of heating and cooling, being in direct contact with the material and take little part in its various physical and chemical changes can beat even the strongest and hard-wearing of atomizer coils. That’s why having the right brand that can back you up with the right kind of atomizer coils matter.

A word of caution though. The industry has seen quite its fair share of counterfeit products and Yocan, being a profitable brand, has been a constant target. Below are features and attributes that are unique to authentic and original Yocan atomizers and you might experience otherwise should you end up buying fake Yocan atomizers.

A Large Selection

For many consumers, atomizer coils do not only offer a means to heat their materials but also a means to personalize their sessions. If you’re one who likes to add a little twist to your daily rituals, you might find Yocan’s vast collection of vaporizers suited for your needs. Here’s why.

Yocan offers a unique selection of heating elements should your purpose is to change how it interacts with your materials. Wax concentrate consumers are in for a treat, Yocan offers a full suite of heating elements that are designed and engineered for a sundry of effects influencing both flavor and potency. First is the brand’s iconic quartz dual coil. Outfitted with two quartz rods wrapped in metal coils, these atomizers offer the right blend of flavor and potency. Should you want to kick it up a notch, Yocan recently released its latest quartz tri coil, now with three quartz rods wrapped with the same metal coils that give an increased tang and potency as well as vapor density. For those who want more, Yocan’s quad quartz coils make for a great option. This time, you get four quartz rods wrapped with the same material. Skipped a number, did we? Don’t worry, Yocan has an atomizer equipped with a single quartz rod held on by high-quality metal coils. The good thing about these coils is that they use 510-threaded fittings which means that they can be compatible with more than just one Yocan product.

Original Yocan coils are made using the best raw materials on the market. The company, being situated in the heart of China’s industrial district, has immediate access to the best raw materials the industry has to offer. Counterfeit ones will have used raw materials of poor and substandard quality and you might end up with a coil that burns your materials instead of vaporizing it.


Another reason why many consumers are hooked into Yocan’s coils is because of its cross-compatibility. What this means is that your Yocan coil can be used with another Yocan vaporizer. Case in point, Yocan’s latest Torch eNail is endowed with the quartz tri coils that were originally introduced when the Yocan Regen was released. The Torch is also outfitted with Yocan’s quartz dual coils used from the iconic Evolve Plus Vaporizer. Another good example is the box mods UNI and UNI Pro. While they were designed to cater to a wide variety of pre-filled and refillable cartridges, they can be used with Yocan’s proprietary cartridge coils that can be interchangeably used with other devices including the Hive, the Stealth, the Flick, and other box mods like the Groote, the Kodo, and the Wit.

By creating this ecosystem of atomizers that are cross-compatible with various Yocan devices, the brand has solved the ever-present issue of having to find atomizers for older devices. Because the make compatible coils, those who have held on to their old Yocan batteries can still to use to this day. Other vaporizers make for a less appealing form of investment because once the company stops producing atomizer coils, you literally can’t use them anymore. With Yocan coils, you can dab on your older batteries because you have an endless supply of coils which adds to the success of the brand’s longevity. Consumers feel secure putting their money in a brand where they are most likely to find replacement parts and accessories to help them maintain their vaporizers.

Make sure to buy only original Yocan coils because authentic coils from Yocan are made to fit the exact specifications of their batteries and are produced using strict and stringent manufacturing standards. When you buy dupes, you won’t know if it’ll fit perfectly and just how exactly the coils were put together. So, get your Yocan coils only from trusted sources and make sure you buy bonafide and veritable coils made and manufactured by Yocan.

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