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436 A Short Telling of the Long History of Smoking Pipes

Contributor: Mark Bishop Since time immemorial, smokers have loved their smoking accessories as much as they love their smoke. Modern smoking accessories range from rolling papers to vape pens to bubblers, but the most popular smoking tool is still the pipe.  Pipes have been used for millennia and are still used today because of their… Read More »

How Snus Works? A Complete Guide

Contributor: Mark Bishop You are not alone if you have just heard about snus and want to know how it works. Snus is a relatively new entry into the world of the tobacco industry. So no wonder most people don’t know about it. From snuff, nicotine pouches, dips, and vapes to chewing tobacco (you can… Read More »

Sweet Tooth Alert: List of THC Hard Candy Just for You!

Contributor: Mark Bishop By 2028, the cannabis industry is expected to be worth more than $70 billion. Marijuana has recently become less illegal in thirteen additional states. It is now legal in 18 states across the country for recreational use. CBD products are becoming more widely available at major retailers as more dispensaries open. As… Read More »

The Health Benefits Of Cannabinoids

Contributor: Mark Bishop Cannabinoids are a group of chemicals found in the cannabis plant. These chemicals can have various effects on the human body, and some of them have been shown to be beneficial for health. There are two main types of cannabinoids: THC and CBD. THC is the psychoactive compound in cannabis that makes… Read More »

Mental Health Matters: Tips to Take Care of Mental Health

Contributor: Name-of-Author-here 450 million people go through mental health issues every day. But unfortunately, most of them go unnoticed and continue suffering from mental illnesses all alone. The fear of being judged, becoming the center of attention, and being mocked by others never let them speak up or seek help. This results in increased aggravated… Read More »