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Donuts 1g (pack)

Strain: Donuts 1g (pack)

Producer: Body And Mind | BAM

Contributor: Ron Baker

Body And Mind | BAM Donuts 1g (pack) Review December 2019 Thrive Marketplace Dispensary
Body And Mind | BAM Donuts 1g (pack) Review December 2019 Thrive Marketplace Dispensary
Body And Mind | BAM Donuts 1g (pack) Review December 2019 Thrive Marketplace Dispensary


Well developed 60%
Really sweet 40%
Taste lasts well after consuming 60%
Mind blowing, while maintaining a full house 60%


Ad description 0%
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Donuts 1g (pack)
Donuts is the name of this strain, brought to you by the Body And Mind BaM brand. Packaged in a 1g sealable pouch with the colorful front and clear back to view the flower inside. The flower being slightly flattened out because of the sealable flat pouch it was stored in, but did that stop me from packing a fat bowl? Of course not!

Appearance 3/5
The structure of this strain is interesting, it reminds me of a diesel or a haze by the look of it. The trichome heads are in that cloudy state, which indicates the heady factor of the strain, well developed heads and amber pistols. I placed it under my trichome magnifying glass, and these buds definitely hold up for a good sativa. The burn is acceptable also inside a joint or packed in a bowl.

Aroma 2/5
A sweet aroma of cannabis is more apparent than anything. It doesn’t really have a strong pungent smell like I would have assumed. Really sweet, but not too over-powering, so I guess it balances itself in a weird sort of way. I didn’t really get a instant hit of aroma, it came later once I smashed my nose inside of the pack. Normally as soon as a rip that seal I can get subtle burst of aroma.

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Taste 3/5
This strain has a well-rounded taste in regards to being properly flushed of cultiva-tion nutrients, no unwelcoming hidden flavors, nor does the flavor get lost within the smoke itself. The taste lasts well after consuming this flower. I hunted out the crisp taste of morning after my second hit. I packed it in my bowl for the first round of blazing, then inside of a raw paper on the following session. For this I give it a 3 of 5 rating.

Effect 3/5
I must say the amount of things I got done after consuming this flower is mind blowing, while maintaining a full house. It is really a “get up and go” type of strain if you’re into a really potent sativa with no unnecessary come down, and delivering a clear headed feeling of success. This makes me excited about trying this strain inside of my larger bong, I can always tell how good a strain is by tak-ing extremely large hits from my bong.

Product price: $11.20 after 20% Sunday Funday discount

I would probably pass over this strain to be honest if I had a chance again, nothing really stood out to me about the overall abilities of this strain. I feel it would have more potential, given the opportunity to be cultivated in a more nursed environ-ment, less quantity and more quality. That is something most producers will realize later on.

2755 W Cheyenne Ave #103,
North Las Vegas, NV 89032
Phone number: (702) 776-4144
Hours: 24 hours 

Thrive Marketplace Dispensary

For this selection I stopped by Thrive Marketplace in North Las Vegas, there is al-so a downtown location. As I pulled into the parking lot, I immediately noticed the availability of parking, not too many dispensaries can say that.

I waited in line for maybe a minute before I was buzzed through the door. As I walk in there was a huge island down the middle of the showroom floor, display-ing pipes, bongs, and other related PR products. As I approached the counter with an available budtender, I also noticed they categorized their potency by “Dank, Danker, Dankest.” After making my selection, I was told my order would be ready soon, so I continued to look at the great products. After roughly 2 1/2 minutes, my name was called and I proceeded to head towards the counter. The budtender asked my phone number for rewards and discounts, any sort of dis-count is always appreciated.

Overall Thrive Marketplace is a great dispensary, very laidback and clean, and ready to assist you with your cannabis experience. The wait time essentially flies by while I’m soaking in the environment and the great vibes. Also the budtender availability gets a thumbs up as well the parking availability. Their staff definitely assisted me with my selections and came off very friendly and really genuine with their recommendations. I will most definitely checkout the downtown location next, just to compare customer service experiences, and be sure the quality in products stays the same across the board.

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