How Snus Works? A Complete Guide

Contributor: Mark Bishop

You are not alone if you have just heard about snus and want to know how it works. Snus is a relatively new entry into the world of the tobacco industry. So no wonder most people don’t know about it. From snuff, nicotine pouches, dips, and vapes to chewing tobacco (you can find a few more names on FDA’s site), now we have landed on snus. Thanks to Sweden! It originated from Sweden and has slowly penetrated other parts of the world unapologetically.

Don’t fall for its cute name (pronounced as snoose); it is a smokeless tobacco that is non-fermented, placed between the upper lip and gum. Like cigarettes, it has nicotine; however, its smokeless consumption makes it better than smoking cigarettes. Although it is illegal in many countries, it is legal in the United States. You can buy it from a snus shop and consume it without fear of getting into trouble. However, better not try it in European countries as it is illegal there.

Different Types of Snus

The answer to the question of how to consume snus starts from knowing different types of this smokeless tobacco. Each type has a slightly different consumption pattern. Traditionally, there are only two types of snus yet: loose snus and portion snus. So, let’s figure out different types of this non-fermented tobacco.

  1. Loose Snus

Yeah, both these words rhyme, but their rhyming has nothing to do with how this type of snus works. It is moisturized through a large amount of water, which makes it moist and easily convertible in any form. You can make any shape to fit it into your mouth easily.

Mostly loose snus is made up of grounded tobacco, further divided into three varieties: fine grind, medium, and coarse. 

  1. Portion Snus

Portion snus is also moist, but it is in packaged form. It also has two different varieties: brown portion and white portion. The Brown portion, also known as an original portion, is manufactured moist during the manufacturing process. It gives an instant nicotine kick once put under the upper lip. However, the white portion releases nicotine more slowly than the brown one because it is made dry during manufacturing. So, it takes time to show effect

Does Snus Help You Quit Smoking?

We are back to square one with snus, just like the vape. When vaping was first introduced, it got popular in the market with the idea that it is the best way to quit smoking. Now snus manufacturers are claiming that snus can help you quit smoking. But is it true? The fact is using snus is way better than smoking cigarettes because:

  • It is smokeless, so it doesn’t enter your bloodstream directly.
  • It doesn’t deposit tar or anything on the lungs.
  • It is non-fermented than other types of tobacco.

So, if you see it from this perspective, snus is definitely better than smoking.

However, the relationship between snus and quitting smoke is debatable. Some consider it a good way to fulfill nicotine needs that can help minimize the need for smoking. In fact, with the high number of snus users, there is a low mortality rate in Sweden due to smoking. Researchers have found that smoking has reduced in Sweden over the past 30 years while snus has increased. 

While others say the snus is further propagating the idea of consuming nicotine among youngsters. Its different tastes and flavors make it enticing for youngsters to try.

A look into both these ideas suggests that there is a gray area in the relationship between snus and quitting smoke. So there is a need for further research and debate to find an accurate answer to this question.

How Snus is a Different Compound? 

The answer to this question lies partially in the constituents of snus. Unlike other nicotine products, it contains water, salt, sodium carbonate, and moisture-preserving agents. The best thing is that tobacco undergoes pasteurization, reducing the carcinogenic tobacco chemicals called nitrosamines. Moreover, it also reduces the possibility of an upset stomach. So, you don’t need to spit here and there if you use snus, which is very common while dipping or chewing tobacco.


Originated from Sweden, snus has rapidly become a go-to nicotine solution in Northern Europe, the United States, and South Africa. However, lesser-known facts about snus have made it a mystery for many. I hope this article has helped you address many queries and sorted snus-related confusion. Now you can make an informed decision if you need snus in your life or not. So, best of luck!

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