10 Ways To Make Your Weed Last Longer

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Contributor: Asia Mayfield

Every cannabis enthusiast hates running out of weed. Who doesn’t dread that last bowl? Sure, smoking it will be fun, but the comedown that’s inevitably going to slam into your body an hour or two later won’t be.

Figuring out how to make your weed last longer will make you a happier smoker and a happier person.

How To Ration Out Your Cannabis Like A Pro

1. Smoke Bowls

Wrapping your lips around a tightly packed joint (or blunt), and feeling the quick rush of smoke as it dances down your throat is a rush. It’s also wasteful. If you want to run out of weed in five minutes, smoke a joint.

Your weed will last longer if you smoke bowls, instead. You’re in complete control of how large they are, and it’ll make it far easier to ration out your dwindling weed supply.

2. Budget Your Weed

Figure out how much weed you can buy, then budget for it. If your recent eighth has to last six days, split it up into equal parts. Don’t let yourself cheat, and steal from the next day’s ration, if you run out. Keep it honest.

A visual reminder of how much weed you can smoke per day can help prevent you from smoking it all once.

3. Take Advantage of Already-Vaped Bud

“Herb vaporizers” and “make your weed last longer” don’t belong in the same paragraph, let alone the same sentence. You can blaze through a gram super fast if you’re vaping weed. You can try smoking smaller bowls, but I’m sure you already know that. So, that’s not really a revelation, or anything. That’s like being told you can save money at the bar by drinking less. Duh!

But here’s what you can do.

The dry, crumbly weed left in the chamber when you’re done vaping looks useless, right? The color has been leached out of the plant material, so it looks dead. However, it’s still loaded with cannabinoids and terpenes. There’s usually even some THC left.

So, feel free to use your already-vaped bud (AVB) to create edibles, or a tincture. You’ll be happy you did.


CBD and THC are, by far, the most abundant cannabinoids. They’re likely responsible for cannabis’ pain-relieving effects. THC is psychoactive, while CBD is valued purely for its potential health benefits.

It’s believed that THC and CBD both have anti-inflammatory properties. In a 2007 study looking at rats, researchers found that CBD “has substantial anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory effects. This study investigated its therapeutic potential on neuropathic (sciatic nerve chronic constriction) and inflammatory pain…”

There’s growing interest in CBD. Patients can consume it, without worrying about becoming intoxicated. THC, because of it’s psychotropic properties, can make people feel nervous and anxious.

Studies indicate that an even ratio of CBD and THC can be very effective.

4. Smoke With Friends

Share weed with your buddies, if you want your high to last longer.

Which, I know, sounds counter-intuitive. However, a good friend will always do the same for you. There will be a moment when you’re dry, but your friend just got back from the dispensary. If you never share with anyone, don’t expect people to smoke you out. And vice-versa.

Cannabis etiquette is a flimsy concept, but it does exist. Puff, puff, pass, is actually a good strategy. When you’re smoking with friends, take two drags from the joint before passing it on. Any more than that, and you’ll come across as stingy.

5. Switch to Concentrates

Concentrates are incredibly potent. That’s why you can use them to make your weed last longer than usual. Either stop buying weed entirely, or use the concentrate to amplify your high when you smoke. Whichever you choose, you can keep your weed from running out as quickly.

However, some people find that increased potency doesn’t matter. They smoke 80% THC crumble like it’s low-grade flower. If that’s your consumption style, smoking concentrates will be significantly more expensive than smoking flower. It really just depends on your tolerance.

6. Use a Grinder

Let’s say you’re loading a bowl.

If you’re using your fingers to crumble up a nug of weed, there’s a good chance the bowl is going to end up too big. There will be huge chunks of flower to deal that get left by the wayside.

You can avoid this, and stretch out your weed, by investing in a grinder.

The bud will be minced into even pieces. Which will make it easier for you to stick to your commitment of loading only smaller bowls. If you really want to make your grinder worthwhile, buy one with three chambers. The bottom one collects kief, which always comes in handy.

7. Buy Bargain Weed

You’re in Las Vegas. It’s a glorious time to be a cannabis enthusiast. The city is choked with dispensaries fighting for your business.

Enter bargain weed.

Most dispensaries sell “appreciation” tier buds to satisfy consumers who want to get high, but don’t want to throw down a lot of cash.

At Reef Dispensaries, for example, they usually have a $6.25 one-gram pre-roll on the menu. If you load up on a few of those, you’re looking at an eighth for less than $25. Which, effectively, helps you stretch your weed budget.

To stay on top of the current deals in the city, sign up for each dispensary’s text rewards program. Some are better than others, but they’re all free to sign up for.

8. Smoke High-Quality Flower

Switching to top-tier bud can help the same way switching to concentrates can. The heavy dose of THC can satiate you, so you’re not immediately craving for another puff. The good thing about this strategy is you’re in Vegas. You don’t have to depend on an unreliable dealer to get your hands on THC-rich buds.

Every dispensary in town has a couple of top-notch strains. If you’re trying to spend less money on weed, you might cringe a little when you the sticker price. Good weed can be three times as expensive as appreciation, or value strains. However, it’ll cost less in the long run.

Try to savor every puff. That way, you won’t feel desperate to immediately smoke another bowl.

9. Make Edibles

Edibles deliver a completely different experience altogether.

You can feel high for hours if you consume a potent, infused treat. Head to the dispensary, if you want to nibble on a professionally-made snack, or go to the kitchen to make some of your very own.

If you really want to get value out of your weed, use already-vaped bud to create your edible. You’ll get a killer high when you vape your bud, and another one when you eat the snack you made with it.

Making weed oil is pretty simple. The THC in AVB is already active, so all you have to do is throw it in some butter (or oil) and fry it up. For the best results, cook the oil for two to four hours, and keep the heat below simmering.

10. Make a Schedule

It’s always tempting to wake and bake. But if you start the day high, it’s tough to reel it in later.

If you could smoke all day without a care, you wouldn’t be worrying about how to stretch out your bud, now would you? Similar to creating a budget, creating a smoking schedule can help you reach your goals.

Your schedule can be anything you want. Don’t smoke until after work, smoke a bowl every three hours on the dot, it’s really whatever you want it to be. You just have to make sure to stick to it.

11. Grow Your Own Weed

If you’re in a state that allows you to grow your own weed, you can give up going to the dispensary altogether. Growing your own weed can be immensely satisfying. Mainly because you’re in control of the entire process, and in turn, you can trim costs. Which is why growing your own weed is usually cheaper than buying it from someone else.

The initial investment, however, can be pretty daunting. You might have to splurge on lighting, seeds, etc. The costs will go down dramatically after your first harvest, though. But, you’ll need to be patient. It can take three months (or more) for cannabis seeds to mature.

You can make your weed last a long time if you know a few tricks.

Check out our blog for more information on how to make your own edibles and concentrates at home. Or read our strain reviews, if you’re headed to a Vegas dispensary and need some ideas.

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