Are our local vape shops more expensive than online?

Contributor: Connie Rose

Vaping is the most common and the oldest way to intake cannabis. Even nicotine smokers are switching to vaping to lower the risk and side effects. If you want to enjoy the typical experience or the feeling of cannabis, then vaping is the best choice. It also has fewer side effects than smoking. You will need a vape device or vape pen and a bottle of vape juice of your choice to start vaping. You have two options while buying vape products. You can order online or buy it from a local vape shop. Now choosing between local and online vape shops can be a dilemma. This article will talk about which one is more expensive and has more benefits. So, keep reading.

Which one is more expensive? Local vape shop or Online vape shop

The one-word answer for the question is yes. Local vape shops generally cost more than online vape shops. An online shop doesn’t have to worry about the extra costs of a brick-and-mortar shop. A physical shop needs an actual storefront in a good area; they have to decorate the shop, showcase the products, hire some staff, and pay for utilities. But an online shop doesn’t have these expenses so, they can focus on buying premium quality products in bulk at a lower price. So, online shops can offer great prices, discounts, etc. Online shops have expenses too, but they are cheaper to manage than a physical shop. Like, they can wait to hire staff until they have smooth running. The bottom line is, in online vape shops, you can enjoy better prices and great discounts.

What should you choose? Online vape shop or Local vape shop

Online vape shops offer better prices than local vape shops. But is it all? Is that a good enough reason to choose an online vape shop? If you are confused, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of local vape shops and online vape shops.

  • Convenience:

In the question of convenience, online vape shops win. To buy a product from your local vape shop, you have to get up, get ready, drive to the store to buy the product (If available). But some days are too tiring, or you are too busy to visit a shop. You can place an order online by visiting the website, searching for the product you want, and paying online. You can save a lot of trouble, time, and money by shopping online. It is the best option if you are an introvert and want to avoid people.

  • Product variety and selection:

It is practically impossible for a local vape shop to have an extensive collection of vaping products. Most vape shops are the same size as a studio apartment. They cannot afford to have that much shelf space. Online vape shops don’t have a storefront so they can use their extra money for a huge warehouse and more inventory. So, shelf space is not a problem here. Also, online stores can take advantage of drop shipping and third-party fulfillment to solve the space issue. You will find a far extensive collection of vape devices and vape juices in online vape shops at a pocket-friendly price.

  • Gratification:

If you buy your vape products online, they will pack your product and ship it to your address. So, that will take a few days to reach you. But nothing can beat the experience of getting into a car, going to a store, and getting the product instantly. The satisfaction of buying something from a store is unparalleled. Also, sometimes when you run out of vape juice and need a new bottle immediately, local vape shops come to the rescue. Though online vape shops have a new policy of lightning delivery within 24 hours, local vape shops are best when it comes to instant gratification. 

  • The economy of the community:

Like other online businesses, when you are shopping online, a faceless corporate entity is making money. No, that’s not a bad thing, and the online vape shop owners are also small businessmen. But, local vape shops help you keep the money in your community. If you have a local business, shopping locally will help your customers to have more money in their pocket to spend on your business. Local Businesses pay taxes that help better your day-to-day life and open up new job opportunities. So, shopping from your local vape shop will help the economy of your community.

  • Customer Service:

Online vape stores are also worried about their customer reviews like any other online business. Every negative review affects their image and sales terribly. They always try to maintain a positive image and reputation in the market to stay in business. They try to maintain a good customer relationship by answering their calls immediately, addressing their issues as soon as possible. Sometimes they also offer special discounts and offers to keep their customers satisfied. So, their customer service is far superior to local vape shops.

  • Personal touch:

You favor some stores better than others because of the personal touch, don’t you? In local vape shops, you get that special treatment. They assist you in finding the right product. You can see and hold the product before buying. Some stores also offer a free trial session. Local vape shops often have a cozy vape room where vapers can gather, talk, and vape together. It is a great way to make new friends, meet new people. Sometimes, you can visit local vape stores to have a good time.

So, there exists no right or wrong option when choosing between online or local vape shops. Both have their pros and cons. But in online vape shops, you can save money and get great discounts. You can place an order anytime, anywhere. Local vape shops are a bit costly but offer you a personalized experience. Buying online will help you save time and money; you will get your products delivered to your doorstep. But shopping locally will help improve the economy of your community. So, it makes sense if you switch between them from time to time. Always buy from a licensed shop, whether it is online or offline, and check the COA of the product before purchasing the product. Happy vaping!

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