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Are our local vape shops more expensive than online?

Contributor: Connie Rose Vaping is the most common and the oldest way to intake cannabis. Even nicotine smokers are switching to vaping to lower the risk and side effects. If you want to enjoy the typical experience or the feeling of cannabis, then vaping is the best choice. It also has fewer side effects than… Read More »

How to Find Top-Quality Delta-8 Products to Enhance Your Lifestyle?

Contributor: Connie Rose Top-quality products with outstanding benefits, isn’t this combo on everybody’s wish list? We always want to get our hand on the most desirable product at a fair price. For this, we look at sales and offers. But recently, reports revealed that shopping for your favorite product on such deals might be risky.… Read More »

5 Tips to Calm Down When You Are Anxious or Angry

It can be hard to get in control of your emotions. However, it is especially hard if you are dealing with anxiety. While it seems that getting rid of negative emotions is so easy, more and more people all over the world get diagnosed with anxiety disorders or depression. That is so because, at most… Read More »

CBD Application Method Absorption Rates

CONTRIBUTOR: Connie Rose CBD is the second most known and used cannabinoid, closely following THC, which is the main psychoactive component of marijuana. Since the health benefits of CBD began to be studied and proven, the methods of consumption have expanded at the same pace. Today, there are countless presentations of CBD on the market,… Read More »