Strain: Blueberry by Cannabiotix

Producer: Cannabiotix

Contributor: Sabrina Lowe

Essence Blueberry Cannabiotix
Blueberry Cannabiotix


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Blueberry is an oldie but goodie.  This strain dates back to the 70s, and it is the winner of the High Times’ Cannabis Cup 2000 for Best Indica.  This delectable strain is a great nightcap, making it a winner in my book too.

Appearance 5/5
Most of the time, when I purchase a strain, the pictures are so enhanced that it doesn’t measure up in person.  This is an exception.  Blueberry by Cannabiotix produces big, fluffy, colorful buds that are entrancing.  There is a gorgeous mix of deep greens and purples.  That depth is contrasted by long, wispy, glowing orange hairs, and its heavy trichome production makes each bud look like it has been snowed on.

Aroma 3.5/5
The sweetness that these buds emit is exactly what I expected.  There isn’t a lot of depth in Blueberry’s aroma, but it is still very pleasant.  The sweet, dark berry aroma is intoxicating, but it is very linear.  Even when left alone to breathe, there are no contrasting notes or layers to the aroma.

Taste 5/5
The aroma does not do the taste justice.  If the user expects the aroma and taste to mirror each other, then this will be a surprise.  The berry flavor is, of course, the most prominent, but there are other complimentary sweet notes as well.  Hints of vanilla peek through while a fresh, sweet green flavor lingers in the background.  On exhale, one will notice a spiciness that helps to mellow out so much sweetness.

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Effect 4/5
Blueberry by Cannabiotix is a heavy indica.  Don’t expect to get much done while smoking this strain.  The strong body high will make the user feel stuck to their seat.  Relaxation takes full control as the user starts to experience feelings of euphoria.  The user will not be able to focus very well and may notice that they will space out for unknown lengths of time.  Deep sleep is the end result of smoking Blueberry.

Blueberry by Cannabiotix is excellent for those that may suffer from insomnia.  It also has great pain-relieving and stress-relieving qualities as well.  Keep this handy for nights when one just needs to hit the reset button and zone out.  This strain should be reserved for experienced users because the highly sedative qualities may make some users paranoid.

Essence is dedicated to providing its customers with high-quality products. Their budtenders even go the extra mile to make sure to notify customers if a product they have is less than satisfactory which is why I trust what I get from here. Blueberry by Cannabiotix is a clear example of their dedication to stocking the best strains from the best growers. This strain earns a 4.5/5.

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