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Dream Queen 500mg Pax Era Pod

Strain: Queen 500mg Pax Era Pod - Sativa

Producer: Bloom Farms

Contributor: Akil Evans



The concentrate glows a healthy golden amber 100%
Berry and citrus, but the odor developed into a spicy pine 100%
Sharp taste of lime and lemon 100%
Easy to maintain focus and conversation 100%
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Bloom Farms Dream Queen 500 mg Sativa Pax Pod
• Production Date: 05/02/2019
• Final Testing Date: 05/09/2019
• Package Date: 05/20/2019
• Consumption Date: 07/20/19
• THC: 78.1% (390.5mg)
• CBG: 3.1% (15.5mg)
• CBD: 0.2% (1mg)
• Terpenes:
o 𝛃-Caryophyllene 18 mg/g
o Humulene 7.7 mg/g
o Myrcene 4.6 mg/g

I obtained my Dream Queen Pax Era Pod voucher at a Pax promotional event earlier this month.

Bloom Farms promotes a health-conscious and sustainable cannabis lifestyle, and originated in California before recently joining the Nevada market.

Bloom Farms markets the Dream Queen cartridge as a sativa, but I think it is more accurately described as a sativa-dominant hybrid because of its lineage.

Blue Dream, one of my all-time favorite weed strains because of its distinct flavor and high, is a parent to Dream Queen. Classified as a sativa-dominant hybrid, Blue Dream is one of the few strains I recognize by flavor, appearance, and high. Space Queen is the other parent of Dream Queen, though I have yet to try the sativa-dominant strain.

Appearance 5/5
The concentrate glows a healthy golden amber in the SimpleClick™ leak-resistant Pax Pod and you’re able to see through the cartridge because of the concentrate’s transparency. The bubbles inside of the oil do not move back and forth when the cartridge is tilted.

Aroma 5/5
It’s difficult to detect an aroma from the vapor exhaled after pulling the Pax Era. This may appeal to consumers wanting to be discreet with their cannabis use.

After I put my nose close to the mouthpiece I initially smelled berry and citrus, but the odor developed into a spicy pine smell with time.

Taste 5/5

As I inhaled, there was a sharp taste of lime and lemon, but eventually, the citrus flavor transformed into a minty spice taste similar to menthol, much like the aroma.

Exhaling left a strong flavor of hash, just as smoking a kief bowl tends to do.

Effect 5/5
Within two minutes I became carefree and enjoyed the beautiful adventure that is life.

Although my movements became slower, it was easy to maintain focus and conversation with those around me. There was a noticeable relaxation in my body that hasn’t been common in my experiences with other sativa strains.

This Dream Queen Pax Era Pod is great for reducing anxiety and also provides energy and focus.  If one is suffering from writer’s block or procrastinating cleaning the crib, then Bloom Farms Dream Queen can give you that inspiration and a boost of vitality.

Similarly, if one is feeling overwhelmed by an obstacle or suffering from depression, then It’s very possible to find relief in this product.

I do advise those suffering from severe social anxiety to be cautious because some sativa cannabis products can make symptoms worse.  As long as a beginner is slow with his or her vape sessions, I believe that the Bloom Farms Pax Era Pod’s effects could be enjoyed without overbearing negative side-effects.

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This Dream Queen Pod impressed me, and there are other Pax Era Pods available on the market if you desire an invigorating sativa cartridge.  The relaxation paired with mental clarity received from Dream Queen made for a great afternoon.

Bloom Farms is health-conscious and is working to change the reputation of stoners by utilizing cannabis as a positive influencer. Perhaps the most compelling aspect of this brand is that Bloom Farms donates one meal to the hungry for every product you purchase!

I enjoy the flavor and high from my Bloom Farms Pax Era Pod and I often will use it after work to chill out and still have the energy to play video games or exercise.

Furthermore, the appearance of the concentrate was remarkable. I got this cartridge for free, and I would definitely spend my own money to acquire another, once I’m dry.

NuLeaf was a welcomed change of pace to my typical rhythm of dispensary visits in Vegas. Ronald was professional and I would definitely shop at this location again, despite the expensive prices.

Address: 430 E Twain Avenue
Phone number: (702) 297-5323
Hours: Everyday 9AM - 1AM

NuLeaf Dispensary

The NuLeaf location is surrounded by parking spaces, with the handicap parking positioned near the entrance of the dispensary.  A McDonalds is located on the same corner as NuLeaf on Twain, and munchies in close proximity to flower is convenient for customers, and always a good scheme for businesses.

It was a very relaxed atmosphere, and I spoke to the receptionist for a bit when I arrived. Once you enter the building, you can nearly view the entire the dispensary because of its compact design. NuLeaf is the smallest dispensary I’ve visited thus far, but it offers a lot.

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There were four staff members on duty during my visit, and it looked like each one of them relished in their occupation. This was evident not only in the hospitality I received, but also the cheerful demeanors the budtenders exhibited when they were not directly dealing with guests.

Ronald was my Budtender for this visit, and I was impressed with his patience regarding my numerous questions about NuLeaf’s exclusivity, as NuLeaf only offers flower from Cannabiotix, Virtue Las Vegas, and its own NuLeaf-branded products.

I was exposed to strains I’ve never heard of, such as Citral Glue, and Ronald redeemed my Pax Era promotional voucher for a Bloom Farms Dream Queen Sativa Pax Era Pod.

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