How is THC-O Distillate Made?

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THC-O is one of the most potent THC used presently. It is five times more powerful than delta 8 THC and three times potent than delta 9 THC. It has been rising to fame in the past few months. After the success of THC 8, people are reluctant to try new analogs of THC.

The expanding legal cannabis market is providing an opportunity to try new recipes and different forms of cannabis. You can look at the DIY guides and prepare THC-O edibles, tinctures, or beverages. However, have you tried THC-O Distillate?

The manufacturing process of THC-O Distillate requires various equipment that is mostly not available in homes. Also, the technique is complicated. So, until you do not have a deep understanding of the entire process, it is better to prepare it at home. You can purchase it from online platforms, such as fukedup.

There is no harm in knowing the process. This article will help you with it. It will help you to explore more about THC.

Manufacturing of THC-O Distillate

There is no harm knowing the manufacturing process before purchasing THC-O from online sites, such as fuked up. So, here is a step-by-step guide to making cannabis distillate. 

  • Extraction

To prepare distillate, the first step is to extract the trichomes from plant material. Trichomes are little appendages and resinous glands present in cannabis plants. You can say that they are a vital part of a plant that contains most plant substances, such as cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. 

To do this, some industries use physical methods while others use chemical ones. Here are the three most used methods to extract the trichomes.

  1. Sieving- It is a labor-based process. Humans separate trichomes physically by sifting the cannabis plant matter on a mesh screen and collecting the desired compounds.
  2. Solvents- There are certain solvents, such as butane, used to extract trichomes. The plant material is soaked in a butane tank, then transferred to another tank with high pressure to get the compounds separately. This process involves certain risks like an explosion and other casualties related to butane. Thus, you should strictly avoid it at home.
  3. CO2 Extraction- In this method, CO2 is compressed to a supercritical state through heat. It separates the matter without leaving any residue. Then the left out CO2 will evaporate at room temperature.
  • Winterization

In this step, the concentration is further purified through the process of winterization. The cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids get finally separated from plant materials. This method also removes other undesirable materials, such as fats and chlorophyll.

Then the substances are combined with ethanol and stored in a cold space. The low temperature further separates the impurities. The remaining concentrate then goes to a rotary evaporator (an optional step) to get the final cleaning.

  • Decarboxylation

Now the process of extraction is almost complete. But there is a vital step to perform before using THC or CBD. The step is decarboxylating the substances. The compounds extracted in the last two steps are THCA or CBDA, so if you have to convert them into THC and CBD, respectively. 

For this, the products are subjected to a temperature of 220 degrees Fahrenheit ( at least) for a required period. Without this process, you cannot get the desired effects of THC.

  • Distillation

After decarboxylation, the final step is distillation. In this step, the distinct compounds ( flavonoids, terpenes, and cannabinoids) are separated from the mixture. The process requires careful use of heat as each combination has different boiling points. Some devices come with adjustable temperatures; you can use them.

So, this is the process of manufacturing distillate. However, it is challenging and risky to try it at home. Thus, it is better to purchase it from online platforms, such as fukedup. There are still several unanswered questions about THC-O distillate. The subsequent sections will answer most of them.

What is THC-O Distillate?

The distillate is a purified THC form that is highly concentrated. It is highly potent because it is pure ( almost 99%) THC. It is not for regular people who want minimal THC doses. However, for medical marijuana users or high tolerance users who need high doses to deal with pain and inflammation, THC-O distillate is a better option.

A small dose of THC distillate is enough to trigger euphoric and psychotropic effects that relieve stress, anxiety, appetite loss, insomnia, nausea, glaucoma, muscle spasticity, etc. 

The distillate is a viscous liquid. Its color depends on the refining method, process of extraction, and growing conditions. In the case of THC-O distillate, the fluid is thick, oily, and black. Most people do not prefer to consume THC directly. They look for other ways.

How to use THC-O Distillate?

Here are some of the ways to use THC Distillate.

  • Portable Vaporizer/ Dab Rig

This method is suitable for people to consume THC-O distillate at home. It allows you to intake a large amount of dose to get the desired effect. 

People who want a handy form of THC-O can go for either battery-operated portable vaporizers. They contain THC distillate with added flavors to make them taste better. Once the tank is over, you can dispose of them and purchase a new one.

  • Edibles

Edibles are one of the most loved forms of consuming cannabinoids. You can prepare your dish by mixing a small dose of this oil. It offers a great taste while taking the benefits of THC-O. You can garnish your salads or other finished meals with distillate. 

You can also add THC-O distillate to your bakery products, such as cookies, cakes, pies, etc. It will help you to enjoy THC-O without getting distracted by its bitter taste.

  • Topical

You might have heard of cannabinoid creams or lotions to treat pain or inflammation. You can also take advantage of THC-O by infusing it with any lotion or cream. However, there is a particular process to do that. You can either look for the recipe and prepare it at home or purchase it from online sites. So these are various ways to consume THC-O.


Besides the United Kingdom and New Zealand, THC-O is not under the list of prohibited substances in most parts of the world. In the USA, THC-O is an illegal substance as it is an analog of Delta 9 THC. More clarity on its legality awaits.

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