Is Kratom a Sex Stimulant?

Contributor: Ellen Cortez

Are you looking for a way to enhance your sex life? Have you tried different products and techniques?

If you were looking for answers and ran into Kratom as an option to improve your sexual drive, you should first learn a thing or two about this groundbreaking product. The best quality Kratom online offers different advantages. However, is sex-enhancing one of them?

Kratom has been around for quite some time now, and many have found it a problem solver when dealing with many different health issues. While some might use Kratom for relaxation, others use different strains for energy and morale boosters.

Depending on what you need Kratom to help you with, you can choose between different strains, each affecting your body in their way.

If you feel you want to give Kratom a test run to help you perform better in your bedroom, here’s what you should know before going online and ordering it.

The origin

Kratom originates from Southeast Asian countries, and it’s a big part of their culture for generations back. As a completely natural product, Kratom remedies different kinds of health issues manageable only with supplements and medication.

Kratom comes from the leaves of the Mitragyna speciosa tree by drying them and turning them into a fine powder for later consumption.

The most popular way to consume Kratom in Asia is by brewing a cup of hot tea and enjoying it while breathing fresh air and meditating. For generations back, Asians extracted Kratom to enhance health, and that didn’t go unnoticed by the Western world.

Ever since Kratom came to the US, people found ways to package and brand it for further distribution, opening a completely new market. The most popular and practical ways for Kratom consumption in the US are pills and capsules.

You can find many different brands selling Kratom online, and sometimes it’s quite hard to define the best one. 

Can Kratom stimulate sex?

Among many of Kratom’s applications and benefits, stimulating sex drive is not one of them, as you’ll never find a vendor that labels it as a sex enhancer.

However, you will always find people online claiming that Kratom helped them perform better in bed and prolong their sexual intercourse. Should you trust these folks? Is it all fake?

Even though Kratom doesn’t have a label as a sex stimulant, its energy-boosting property can help you perform better while having sex, and in most cases, prolong your intercourse for better results.

If you feel all worn out and can’t gather enough energy to go on for more than 30 minutes, Kratom can provide that additional boost you need to improve your love life and make your partner satisfied like never before.

People claim that, after taking Kratom before sex, they had enough energy to keep going until both sides are satisfied. They claim that it improved their love life and that they can feel confident performing much better.

However, if you will give Kratom a chance to help you with your sex life, start by taking smaller doses until you find a perfect balance for your body, as you might keep on performing for more than you can take and develop sours on your and your partner’s genitals. 

Is this legal?

Even though FDA and DEA placed Kratom on the list of Substances of Concern and forbidden its import to the US, the Federal Government didn’t impose a country-wide ban on selling and using it.

That’s the reason why you will find many vendors selling some of the best Kratom online, and you can get it with only a few clicks away. How they bring it inside of the country remains a mystery, but well, why should we even worry about such things?

You can feel comfortable buying and using Kratom in the US, but with some exceptions. Six states went a step ahead of the Federal Government and banned Kratom on their territory, and you should pay attention if you live there or are visiting. 

Do your homework before ordering Kratom online, and you shouldn’t worry if it will cause you any problems with the authorities. 


If you’re considering Kratom as an option for your sex life, you should also look into its other benefits, as it might be a life-changer to you and your loved one. So far, Kratom has helped many when dealing with chronic pain, lack of energy, anxiety, stress, and many different symptoms that can ruin everyone’s day.

We recommend buying it only from the best vendors, as they’re the only ones that can guarantee a high-quality product pure from any contaminants or foul play.

Do you still feel like Kratom can help you perform better? Why not order it and give it a chance. You never know where it could lead you in the future.

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