Northern lights marijuana strain review

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The Northern Lights marijuana strain is named for its majestic, evergreen-like appearance. Its dense, spongy buds are covered in frosty trichomes that tease the potency of the strain. The Northern Lights phenotypes also feature an interesting aroma, with a combination of earth, musk, and honey notes. This pheno is said to have originated from three Northern Californian plants and is bred by Sensi Seeds.

When consumed, Northern Lights creates a relaxing, blissful high that is ideal for daytime relaxation and deep conversations. It is also a great strain for meditation, yoga, and couch-pot smoking. Despite its hazy glow and high THC level, Northern Lights is a popular choice for daytime use, as it produces both a calming and a deep sedative effect. Users of this strain often comment that the strain makes them feel incredibly relaxed, and they have a positive mental state.

The Northern Lights Marijuana Strain Is Best Suited For Indoor Cultivation

This strain is capable of producing high yields, and when grown indoors, can produce up to 500 grams per square meter. It is recommended for home gardeners who want a plant with good yields. Its plants are sturdy, bushes and flowers for 7-8 weeks. They can be planted in soil, or in hydroponics. The cannabis plant will grow into a large plant with large leaves. Learn how to grow this strain at

It Provides High Tolerance And A Relaxing High

When consumed, Northern Lights is best when the user has a high tolerance and enjoys a relaxing high. The cannabis strain induces a hypnotic state, knocking the user out of their mind for hours. Its potent psychoactive effects calm the mind and relax the muscles. Aside from that, it makes the user feel like they are in a dreamy state of bliss. Some users even claim that while under the influence, they experience the changing of the light.

The Northern Lights marijuana strain is an indica-dominant hybrid and typically contains an average of 18% THC. It can contain moderate levels of CBD and minor cannabinoids, but it is not considered a medical strain. Although it is popular in medical marijuana, Northern Lights is still very popular among recreational users. A single serving of Northernlights can provide an uplifting experience, but the full-body effect is more prevalent in people who have suffered from insomnia.

The Northern Lights Marijuana Strain Is Widely Regarded As A Medicinal Cannabis Strain

It is popular in many medical marijuana strains and has a sedative effect on many conditions. It can relieve depression, stress, and mood swings. It is the most pure indica cannabis plant. It has a pleasant, calming effect that will make you feel like you’re on a vacation. The effects of this marijuana strain are felt immediately after use and last up to three days.

The Northern Lights marijuana strain is easy to grow and has a short flowering time. It can be grown both indoors and outdoors. However, it grows best in a hydroponic system. It takes about 7-9 weeks to flower and yields between 14 and 18 ounces per plant. If properly grown, it will produce flowers in mid-October. When it is harvested, Northern Lights is one of the top-yielding marijuana plants.

The Northern Lights marijuana strain has a high THC content between 15 and 22 percent

The effects of this cannabis strain are pleasant and long-lasting, with a pleasant, balanced high. Whether you need a tranquilizing effect or a high that lasts all day, Northern Lights will leave you feeling mellow and comfortable. The highest yielding Northern Lights phenotype is a powerful and effective medical MMJ strain.


The Northern Lights marijuana strain was bred by Sensi Seeds in the Netherlands and is considered to be a very popular cannabis strain. Its lineage traces back to the landrace strains of afghani indica and thai sativa and is known for its sweet and earthy flavor. It is popular among medical marijuana patients, and is available at many dispensaries. The plant material can be used directly or mixed with other products.

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