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Orange Zkittles

Strain: Kabunky Kruumble’s – Orange Zkittles

Producer: Kabunky

Contributor: Canna Fank & Canna Dahlia

Orange Zkittles
Orange Zkittles Packaging
Kabunky Orange Zkittles


Same as most other crumbles 80%
Light fruity smell 60%
Like sweet oranges and pine 100%
Awesome from both a medical and recreational standpoint 100%
Helps With
Elevates mood, Stress relief, Alertness, Memory retention, Calming


Ad description 0%
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  • Nevada Made Marijuana Dispensary

● Pinene: 2.3 mg/g
● Limonene: 4.2 mg/g
● Linalool: 1.9 mg/g
● Caryophyllene: 4.7 mg/g

Aroma 4/5
We were really impressed with this Krumble. When we opened the container, it gave off a light fruity smell that also had a little hint of pine. It gave off even more of an aroma when we split off a small chunk of the Krumble.

When dabbing on the quartz banger at around 450-500 degrees Fahrenheit, we got the distinct smell of mixed tropical fruit with a slight ginger spice in the mix as well.  The Krumble had an even stronger scent once dabbed. It is, all in all, a really appealing aroma and one we are definitely partial to in general.

Appearance 3/5
Upon opening the jar, we noticed that Kabunky Krumble’s Orange Zkittles looks just about the same as most other crumbles. It is a variation of the royal yellow/gold color so often seen in honeycomb and crumble waxes. Like you would imagine, it was a crumble true to texture. It reminded us a bit of dry coffee cake or a really thick cookie dough.
Definitely try to not touch it with your hands as it melts/smears at little more than body temperature.

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Taste 5/5
The taste of kabunky kruumble’s – orange zkittles was, in our opinion, the best and most surprising thing about the product! It tasted like sweet oranges and pine with a little honeysuckle thrown in there too. It packed a super powerful and rich tasting flavor for a crumble. Most crumbles in our experience all have a similar generic flavor, but this one was really smooth and crisp. We would purchase this one again purely based on flavor, as this checks all the boxes for our favorite flavors in a concentrate.

Effect 5/5
The effects we felt from this strain were awesome from both a medical and recreational standpoint. It is a very cerebral type of high. We found it to be very motivating, good for creative thinking and mood-elevating as well. It gives a great clear-headed high, and the effects last for several hours even for seasoned dabbers like ourselves.
We felt really relaxed while at the same time not so high that we couldn’t do anything. It made doing activities around the house a lot more enjoyable for sure.

Our recommendation after doing multiple dabs (each) of this delicious ORANGE ZKITTLES is that this is probably going to become a staple daytime favorite for us. We are really enjoying the Kabunky house products from Nevada Made Marijuana.  This product specifically is an all-around recommend for taste, aroma and effect.  It was super refreshing and definitely the kind of smoke we usually look for when we have to be out and about around large groups of people.

Here are some additional functional things we would recommend to anyone wanting to purchase these concentrates:

  • Remove product from glass jar and put in a silicon puck, this will keep you from smearing your wax into the glass and losing some of your product to friction.
  • Be careful while handling the product as it melts and smears at little more than body
  • Keep your wax and other concentrates stored in a cool, dry place so that you aren’t compromising the quality of your medication.

Nevada Made Marijuana and their inhouse brand Kabunky are 100% worth the drive to Henderson, (or Laughlin if you’re in the area) because their daily specials and quality for the price just can’t be beaten! ORANGE ZKITTLES for just $25 (recreational price with TAX INCLUDED!!) a gram on this Wax Wednesday was a steal of a deal.  The quality and consistency of medication we have gotten from this dispensary and their home brand Kabunky have been amazing for us.  They definitely have 2 new customers for life and we will definitely re-visit this ORANGE ZKITTLES to share with some friends.

3195 St. Rose Pkwy.,
Suite 212
Henderson, NV 89052
Phone number: (702) 737-7777
Hours: Open 7 days a week 8 am – 11 pm 

Today’s we paid a visit to Nevada Made Marijuana. At first glance, we weren’t sure the GPS had taken us to the right place. NMM is located in a medical building complex which seemed an odd spot, but after we parked the car and walked up to the building, we realized it was also a medical dispensary. It was really cool to see a dispensary in an area dominated by physicians.

The dispensary itself had a really professional feel from start to finish. NMM is located on the second floor of the building, and when you walk through the door, you are immediately greeted by the front desk reception. They take and scan your ID’s, sign you in and direct you to the seating area across from the sign-in area. There is plenty of reading material and an electronic rotating menu for you to peruse while waiting to be helped. HUGE BONUS for us with this place was that it is sensory-friendly. The music was audible but not in any way overbearing, and the lighting was softer.

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Other than the aesthetics we really liked that you interact with one person from start to finish once you’re taken back to the bud tending station room. It gave the entire experience more of a personal and less of a transactional feel. Our budtender Mark was quick to direct us to what we were looking for, as well as being able to show us up close the quality of the products we were purchasing.

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